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Pinay Celebrity Online on TV Patrol (09/01/08)

If you happen to watch TV Patrol World yesternight and happen to see the report about Khristine Hermosa on UNO Magazine and you have visited Pinay Celebrity Online (former before that, chances are, you might have noticed that the website where they showed Khristine Hermosa on UNO Magazine was actually Pinay Celebrity Online website.

To date, this was the 2nd time that Pinay Celebrity Online was sort of featured in TV Patrol World. The first one was when the Controversial Topless Calendar photos of RR Enriquez leaked the internet way back May 2008.

Although it could have been better if the site Title or the URL was mentioned, still, it's more than enough morale booster on the team to continue what we're doing.

To the staff of TV Patrol World, thank you very much. We know you are watching us as we are watching you, hehe.

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