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Maui Taylor - Skin City Movie Download Series

Check Maui Taylor in Skin City Movie.

Download link inside =>

Download Maui Taylor Movie Clip Now@

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Yasmien Kurdi Goes Sexy

Last last night or the other night, while watching 24 Oras, Ms. Pia Guanio reported on her Chika Minute that looks like Yasmien Kurdi has plans of going sexy. Wanna know the reason why? Simply because of her daring dress in the press conference of her latest movie "Loving You".

I bet that if they've seen these Sexy and Daring Yasmien Kurdi photos, they don't need to think twice. I wonder what these photos are for.

Thanks to the original sender, whoever you may be.

3 more Yasmien Kurdi Photos inside.

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Kristine Jaca on Skin City - Hot Babes Series Movie Download

This will be a series of post. Skin City DVD was subdivided into different segments for online pleasure. We'll start with Kristine Jaca of Viva Hotbabes.

What is Skin City?

SKIN CITY - 26 of the Philippines' Hottest Babes. Reveal Their Souls. Strip their Inhibitions. Bare it all. Philippine Mature DVD. No Regional Coding. Total Viewing Pleasure. Skin City video brings together all the Hot Babes from batch one to present plus other sexy sirens. Get a Blow-by-blow as it takes you behind the scenes of a magazine pictorial. Peep into their dressing room. See them get down and dirty. Observe them in naked protest.

Never before has a video been this chock-full of hotties! Get goose bumps from skin-tinglers Andrea Del Rosario, Anna Scott, Asia Agcaoili, Avi Siwa, Claire, Desiree Del Valle, Ella V., Hazel Cabrera, Jen Rosendahl, Jennifer Lee, Katrina, Katya, Kristine Jaca, Lailanie, Mara, Maricar, Maui Taylor, Rachelle, Raven, Renee Summer, Sachie Sanders, Scarlet, Sheree, Sophie Garucho, Vanessa Khain and Zarra Lopez. From eye-popping poses to steamy secrets and dangerous disclosures, this video will surely make you jump out of your skin!

Spoken Dialogue: English & Tagalog.

More photos and Video Download link inside>>

Download Now!!!

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Bench Underwear Show Aftermath

Sequel to our post Bench Underwear Show, here comes the aftermath. And I'd say, this is by far a lot better than the previous Bench Underwear Show photos we've posted. Why did we say so? Simply because these are the 'REAL' underwear photo shots we've been looking for since day 1.

In these photo series, I must commend Carlene Aguilar. Never seen her this sensual before. Makes me drool just looking at her photos. Precious Adona, Nancy Jane, Bubbles Paraiso, Jennifer Lee and Ehra Madrigal are also sexy in their own individual rights.

Enough with the trash talk. Check these Bench Underwear Show Aftermath Photos. Special thanks to Ybanag for these wonderful shots. More photos inside (7 more).

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To Add or Not To Add

One of the moderators of the group brought up that we should add some categories like Hollywood Celebrities and Asian Celebrities - those of controversial girls - Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Christina Aguillera, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Vanessa Hudgens, Song Hye Kyo, Jang geum and the likes.

In my personal opinion, its nice to stick to our current niche, which are Filipina Celebrities. Some additions of worthy Asian Celebrities and Hollywood Celebrities from time to time may not hurt.

But YOU, our audience knows better. If you think you'd like to see more Hollywood and Asian Celebrities in this blog, cast your vote on the Poll at the right side =>

Voting ends Aug 20.

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Jamilla Obispo on FHM May 2007 - A Flashback

Jamilla Obispo rocked our world in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1. She rocked us even more when she posed for FHM Philippines May 2007. Truly a super hot mama.

The rest of Jamilla Obispo FHM May 2007 photos inside.

Stay tuned coz we'll also post her FHM Photos prior to Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition in our succeeding posts.

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Maja Salvador - Another Batch for Folded and Hung

We've already made like 3 Maja Salvador in Folded and Hung but they just keep coming. Here's another batch of Maja Salvador for the Folded and Hung line of clothing. But this time, some photos are with her men, but not literally.

6 more Maja Salvador Folded and Hung Photos inside.

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Amanda Griffin Photos on Rogue Magazine August 2008

These are the scanned photos of Amanda Griffin on Rogue Magazine August 2008. We were shocked when we saw this honey wet dress she's wearing, where you can almost make out her mammary glands.

Controversial photos of Amanda Griffin in this issue of Rogue Magazine are so brave. Some are underwear shots and one photo almost nude.

5 more Rogue Magazine August 2008 Photos inside.

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Marian Rivera & Dingdong Dantes Crazy Photo

Looks like this is the newest photo pose craze in town. Angel Locsin did it in her 'Out of this world Angel Locsin Photo'. Now, its Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes doing a very cute, not so sexy, scary smile pose.

More Marian Rivera Photos inside, but not so crazy like this one below.

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Dyosa Anne Curtis in ASAP last Sunday

Last Sunday, Anne Curtis along with the whole cast of Dyosa had a promotion in ASAP 08.

See how Dyosa Cielo flew over ASAP 08 Audience. Also included are photos of Anne Curtis, Sam Milby and Luis Manzano in their E-live guesting.

See more Dyosa photos inside. Thanks to Chai for the photos.

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Venetian Ball - Vicky Belo's Anniversary Party Celebration

At the same day of the opening of the Summer 2008 Olympics, Dr. Vicky Belo also celebrated her anniversary with a Bang with her Venetian Ball in Makati Shangrila.

Would you believe that she actually spent a whopping 8 million pesos as TF for Dita Von Teese just to perform?

Below is the photo of Dita Von Teese. More photos of the ball attendees + movie clip of Anne Curtis as Venus.

The Fash Pack

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