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Maggie Wilson FHM March Philippines 2009 Clear Cover

As promised, here's the clear photo (well, not so clear, but better than the first) of Maggie Wilson on FHM March 2009 Cover. Feeling hot, hot, hot. Really.

If you've missed our first post, you may check Maggie Wilson's photos here.

Just a simple poll. Which one do you always buy, Maxim or FHM? Your answers in our comment box.

Grab your copy now!

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Sexy Krista Ranillo Maxim March 2009 Covergirl

As reported yesternight in TV Patrol World, Krista Ranillo is indeed the Maxim Philippines Covergirl for March 2009. This "Pieta" star made waves when she did sexy scenes in Paupahan and later on appeared in FHM Philippines August 2008 coming from a long break from the limelight. After that, the rest is history for Krista Ranillo as they say.

So what can we expect in this Krista Ranillo Maxim March 2009 Edition? Read on...

Here's an excerpt from Maxim Philippines' website on what's in store for Maxim March 2009 Issue.

Krista Ranillo ushers in the summer with a scorching cover shoot for MAXIM’s March 2009 issue. The star of the hit ABS-CBN soap “Pieta” is featured in her hottest pictorial yet, the better to mark her concurrent debut as the magazine’s new sex columnist.

An Interdisciplary Studies graduate of the Ateneo (cum laude) and a showbiz royalty in her own right, Krista premieres “The Princess Diaries,” a regular column on sex, dating, and relationships, guaranteed to be a MAXIM must-read starting this month.

The March issue also contains a major feature on Boracay, centering on the land dispute between the government and the island’s investors and also showcasing the Boracay master plan of the Department of Tourism, the rise of the Boracay Shangri-La Resort and Spa and Manny Pacquiao’s Boracay West Cove, and a sneak peek at the so-called Next Boracay—San Vicente in Palawan.

MAXIM fires up the concoction with “Boracay When It Sizzles,” a compilation of true tales of passion and debauchery as narrated by 10 hot-blooded women.

Another major feature is MAXIM’s unique take on the Korean invasion, which includes a gallery of some important and interesting Koreans in our midst, a profile of Korean cutie and Magic 89.9 deejay Grace Lee, a tribute to basketball legend Shin Dong Pa, a rundown of the death toll incurred by the Hanjin shipyard in Subic, and a map tour of Makati’s Koreatown.

Also in the March issue are taekwondo master Monsour del Rosario, Fil-Am major league baseball player Geno Espineli, underwater photographer Scott “Gutsy” Tuason and former President Fidel Ramos giving the thumbs-up to our saucy photo blogger Mocha.

Buy now before Krista Ranillo Maxim March 2009 Edition ran out. Available at your favorite magazine stands.

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Maggie Wilson FHM March 2009

Last week, I got this email from FHM Philippines with a teaser on who is the FHM March 2009 Covergirl. (See photo below) I must admit, I have no idea who this girl could be. All I'm thinking is that, she must be someone special to be on the cover of FHM's 9th Birthday this March.

Lo and behold, I was strolling at the National Bookstore this afternoon looking for Moneysense magazine. And look what I found, it was FHM's March 2009 Edition with Maggie Wilson on the cover. And not only that, Maggie Wilson is topless. (See Maggie Wilson on FHM March 2009 Cover here).

Just a little background on Maggie Wilson. She's the Binibining Pilipinas-World 2007.

Maggie Wilson on FHM March

Just bear with the quality of the photo, I was forced to use my camera phone as I do not have my better quality camera. But don't fret, once we got a better quality photo, we'll surely post it here.

Maggie Wilson FHM March 2009

Maggie Wilson FHM March 2009 Edition is now available at your favorite magazine stands like National Bookstore.

For the time being, here are some of Maggie Wilson's photos to fill in your curiosity how she really looks like.

Maggie Wilson is Bb. Pilipinas World 2007

Maggie Wilson's photos on Manual Magazine

Maggie Wilson on Bench Blackout Experience

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Anne Curtis and Equally Hot Sister - Scandal or Not?

This was sent to us by an avid subscriber saying he got this from his group somewhere. At first I thought it was some lesb0 act. But when I read the description, that was the only time I realized that one of the girl was Anne Curtis. And the other one is her sister.

Was this made out of fun or what? Hope it was, coz its really disturbing if now.

The other photo of Anne Curtis and her sister inside ->

Anne Curtis Scandal

Anne Curtis Scandal

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"Eargasm" - UNO Calendar Party 2009

This almost slipped thru my events. Forgive me for posting this late, but not too late. It's UNO Calendar Party entitled "Eargasm" .

Experience "Eargasm" as UNO Magazine brings you its first party for 2009. Listen to the music of up and coming indie bands Turbo Goth, Duster and Bembol Rockers on February 26, Thursday, 9 p.m. at Capone's in A-Venue Hall Makati City. Party the night away with cover girl Dylan Vizcarra and celebrate the launch of the UNO Calendar with Numero UNO Girl Ellen Adarna on the cover. Music, Booze, Girls… what more can you ask for?

Eargasm UNO Calendar Party

Brought to you by UNO Magazine – the ultimate guide for men.

For Guest list Inclusion pls send in your names at

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Sexy Photos of Jackie Rice in a 2 Piece Bikini

When we first made a post on Jackie Rice, we thought she'll be the next FHM, Maxim or UNO cover. It hasn't happened yet. But what if we can show you a preview of that. Would you care to sign a petition for her to go sexy?

Here's what we're talking about. Jackie Rice in a sexy 2 piece bikini. Now if you want to see Jackie Rice on FHM, Maxim or UNO, help us file a petition to these magazines by leaving a comment on what you think of the idea.

4 more Sexy Jackie Rice photos inside ->

Jackie Rice Bikini

Jackie Rice Sexy
Jackie Rice Photo

Jackie Rice Pictures

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Angelica Panganiban Before and After Photos

Check these before and after photos of Angelica Panganiban. Notice the changes in her face and body. Baby fats are now gone, shorter hair, small built with that more mature look. Maybe Derek Ramsey has something to do with that.

The rest of Angelica Panganiban photos inside ->

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Behind the Scenes of Gail Nicolas Photoshoot

Behind the scenes photo shoot of Ms. Gail Nicolas.

Check the rest of Gail Nicolas photo shoot inside ->

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Anne Curtis in Red Dress

Lovely Anne Curtis in a spaghetti strap red dress with matching. Ain't she lovely? Looks very innocent eh. What's her next project anyway? Hope she got more to show.

Check more about Anne Curtis here.

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Katya Santos & Maui Taylor FHM Autograph Signing for February 2009

Katya Santos and Maui Taylor FHM Autograph Signing held last February 16, 2009 at the Robinsons Forum in Mandaluyong City. (Invitation here). Too bad it's only Maui Taylor and Katya Santos who made it to the event. Andrea Del Rosario was nowhere to be found. But nevertheless, the tandem of Maui and Katya was enough to tame the attendees, male and female alike.

Were you able to attend the event? If so, you might want to check these photos as you may be one of the lucky attendees to have their photos posted.

Lots of Katya Santos and Maui Taylor autograph signing photos inside ->

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