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Cristine Reyes Magazine Covers

Magazine covers where Cristine Reyes also appeared on. You might think that's already a given. But hey, these magazines are not local. Oh well, just the one in front.

4 more Cristine Reyes on magazine covers inside ->

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Suzuki - Voted out from Survivor Philippines Palau

Update on Survivor Philippines Palau - Suzuki was voted out during the last tribal council. Turns out Shaun made the right decision on using the immunity bracelet as he got 3 votes on the first voting. Justine and Suzuki got 2 votes each. With Shaun's vote not counted, a tie breaker was necessary. In the end, Suzuki got 3 votes against the 2 votes of Justine.

Looking at the photos below, looks like that the final 4 would be an all girls. Our fearless forecast tells us that it's either Amanda and Mika on the final 2.

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House A Wins Fan Dance Challenge - PBB Double Up

Were you able watch Pinoy Big Brother Fan Dance? With all the hype that the housemates were going all the way without clothes or just wearing G strings were just hoax as expected of course.

If you did watch the show, I'm sure you were a little 'bitin' on who won the challenge. Let us give you some spoiler. If House A got a score of 185 with all the minus points, House B got.... a whopping -1230 minus points. With their 100 points, that makes it a total of -1130 points. Yoohoo.

By the way, I like Princess all the way. We hope she stays. So vote for her...

Here's the video clip of the fan dance of Haus A

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Sexy Cristine Reyes Radio Tour Photos

Cristine Reyes photos during her radio tour. I think this was taken a couple of months ago. I personally liked this post specially the cover photo. Nice thumb up man.

5 more Christine Reyes radio tour photos inside ->

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Hi-C Behind the Scenes Photos from "Physical" Videoshoot

As promised, here's the behind the scenes photos of Hi-C from "Physical" Videoshoot cared of our good friend Jeman Villanueva. Photos taken by Dino Azarcon.

5 more Hi-C behind the scenes photos inside ->

To check the complete photos of Hi-C behind the scenes photos, here's the link.

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Jessica Mendoza Photos by James Ty III

Our good friend James Ty III took notice of the Andi9 and Jessica Sexy DJ's post we had a couple of days ago. As if he would like to reinforce what we meant, he sent us this Jessica Mendoza photo collection of him. Jessica Mendoza is really sexy and cute.

5 more Jessica Mendoza photos inside ->

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Hi-C "Physical" Videoshoot Publicity Photos

PCOnliners, check this out. Hi-C's "Physical" videoshoot publicity photos. She's really, outstandingly, outrageously sexy in this photoset. Watch out for the behind the scenes photos!

More sexy photos of Hi-C inside ->

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Jef Gaitan's Tongue Action

Ever wondered how Jef Gaitan looks like working with her tongue? Wonder no more, coz here in PCO, Jef Gaitan did just that.

3 more Jef Gaitan photos inside but no more tongue action ->

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