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Bubbles Paraiso and Palos Girls

These photos of Bubbles Paraiso in Palos is out of courtesy of KeyZeR SoZe. Other girls in these photos are Roxanne Guinoo and Regine Angeles. Very very sexy.

5 more Bubbles Paraiso and Palos girls photos inside =>

Bubbles Paraiso Photo 1Bubbles Paraiso Photo 2

Bubbles Paraiso Photo 3Bubbles Paraiso Photo 4

Bubbles Paraiso Photo 5
Bubbles Paraiso Photo 6

Bubbles Paraiso Photo 7

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Spotting Valerie Concepcion in a Basketball Game

Another interesting set from James. This time, it's Valerie Concepcion giving her beautiful smile while cheering for her favorite basketball team. We just forgot to ask who she is cheering on.

The last photo is not from the same basketball event, but from a venetial ball. I think it was Vicki Belo's.

Enjoy Valerie Concepcion's sexy and not so sexy photos inside =>

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Jean Garcia FHM Philippines October 2008

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

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Nancy Jane in Celebrity Car Drag Racing Event

Our friend James spotted Nancy Jane lurking in the last Celebrity Car Drag Racing event in Greenhills lately. His generosity leads us to this beautiful and sexy Nancy Jane (former Nancy Castiliogne). Big thanks James, keep 'em coming.

Check out Nancy Jane's Red Blouse and whitey legs in this photos. 2 more photos inside =>

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Regine Angeles - The Beautiful Secretary of Julian in My Girl

Chances are, you're probably one of those people who asked "Who is that Secretary of Julian in My Girl?" No worries, coz you're not alone. We too, have asked that question many times. And here's the answer.

The beautiful girl is no other than Regine Angeles. So who is Regine Angeles? She is the runaway winner of the Be Bench Model Search. She has also appeared in the TV Show "Palos" with Jake Cuenca. Her friendster profile says shes' only 22 years old and a graduate of College of Saint Benilde with a course on Interior Design.

By October, she will be seen again on TV along with the cast of My Girl in another TV Show - Your Song (My Only Hope).

Enough with the talk. Let's get it on with Regine Angeles photos. 3 more photos inside =>

Regine Angeles Photo 1Regine Angeles Photo 2Regine Angeles Photo 3

Regine Angeles Photo 4Regine Angeles Photo 5Regine Angeles Photo 6

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Girls of Survivor Philippines

Last Monday, September 15, 2008, the premiere telecast of Survivor Philippines was shown and as a self-confessed Survivor fanatic myself, I can't let this tv show passed by without seeing the conclusion. I don't know but I have this inclination with Reality Shows. Maybe its a lot better than dramanovela or other fantaserye out there. Or maybe the girls are a lot fresher than those of big name celebrities. Eventhough I know that as we are watching the show, there's already a winner (for sure, this had been concluded already, probably a month ago), still the excitement of watching can't be compared of telefantasya.

So, what's interesting with Survivor Philippines? I've already watched the 3 episodes since Monday and I must say that the format is pretty much the same of the original franchise. (well of course, they can't change it.) How bout the cast? Interesting so far, I must say, especially the girls. So let me introduce them (Girls of Survivor Philippines) two by two.

Leona Rica "Nikki" Dacullo (Call Center Cutie)

Nikki works as a call center agent in Cebu City. Born and raised in Tacloban, Nikki's cute smile and pretty face once caught enough hearts to be crowned the hometown queen.

Veronica "Vern" Domingo (Taekwondo Champion)

Vern is a pretty takewondo coach who can kick any man's ass. She has various international and local titles and awards under her belt to prove it. She takes pride in her strength and athleticism which puts her at par with her male counterparts.

Chevyline "Chev" Macias (Bisayang Palaban)

Life was never easy for Chev, 26. She always had to fight for herself, especially during her dark days when she worked as a GRO and got addicted to drugs. But every time she falls down, Chev makes it a point to start afresh.

Zita Ortiga (Ang Labandera)

Washing clothes for a living seemed far from a ticket to join a reality show. But Zita's strong personality was more than enough to make her qualified for the game.

Maria Nona "Niña" Ortiz (Sporty Mom)

When she's not managing her design company, you can find Niña dominating the badminton courts. An active mom to three kids, she also works as a wellness coach to help others have healthier and stress-free lives.

Kristina "Kaye" Alipio (The Model)

A sexy lingerie model with a solid Christian faith, Kaye is any guy's ideal girl. Beyond her good looks and natural allure, Kaye is also considered a role model by peers. She is described as a motivator and a counselor. Because of her pioneering work and active spiritual leadership, she was considered one of the youngest elders in their church.

Anna Charisse Yacapin (Smart Babe)

She works as a product officer in a telecom company but she knows she's pretty and smart enough to be the host of a noontime show. Charisse, 26, has always wanted to be a host of Eat Bulaga! After graduating from Ateneo de Manila University, however, she found herself working in the corporate world away from the spotlight.

Vevherly Gador (Farmer Girl)

Born in Bariles, Cebu, Vevherly was brought up in the farm lifestyle. At first, this 20-year-old girl will strike you as quiet and timid, but once she warms up to you, she'll bravely speak her mind.

Jervy "Patani" Daño (Ang Yaya)

After failing to qualify in StarStruck, 20-year-old Patani believes that joining Survivor Philippines might just be her last ticket to showbiz stardom.

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Carmen Soo Invades Philippine Television

One of the newest faces that we see on Philippine television today belongs to Carmen Soo, a Malaysian superstar and a well-known model not only in Malaysia but in Singapore and HongKong as well.

Did you know that Carmen Soo has Chinese blood? No wonder she resembles to most of the pinays here (Chinese Filipina that is). Her physique as well as her charm is very Filipina in essence.

Carmen Soo is the leading lady of Jericho Rosales in the on going ABS-CBN Teleserye Kahit Isang Saglit (in collaboration with Malaysia's Double Vision).

More Carmen Soo photos inside =>

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Banana Split of ABS CBN

Another TV show that I'm sure PCO community is anticipating this coming October is ABS CBN's "Banana Split". The show is the female version of the famous Goin' Bananas. Some of the interesting casts include RR Enriquez, Roxanne Guinoo, Angelica Panganiban, Riza Santos, Cristine Reyes, Valerie Concepcion, Princess Ryan and Dianne Medina.

How true is this rumor that GMA is already preparing for an exact rival for this program? According to what we heard, GMA's program will be entitled "Chicksilog" and will be composed of Katrina Halili, Pauleen Luna, Madrigal sisters (Ehra and Michelle), Iwa Moto, Rhian Ramos and Sheena Halili.

We hope this is true. Coz in any competition, the consumers are the winners.

Banana Split
will start airing on October 2008. According to our friend James, Banana Split will have a mall tour in Robinson's Metro East this coming September 28. So if are any PCO members near the area, maybe you can take photos of the event and share it with everybody.

More Banana Split Girls Photos and teaser video inside =>

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