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Jennylyn Mercado's Outfit in Party Pilipinas Last Sunday

Did you watch Party Pilipinas last Sunday? I didn't but I was lucky to have a glimpse of Jennylyn Mercado's dance number wearing this fishnet like long sleeve outfit.

Very sexy Jennylyn Mercado.

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Anne Curtis Getting Daring

If you've been on the lookout on the latest fashion news lately, I'm sure you're all aware that Anne Curtis is getting daring and daring with her fashion statement. Look what Anne Curtis wore during the 1st Philippine Fashion Ball - click here.

Here's another Anne Curtis in a daring yet lovely outfit. Photos by Camera Capo from

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Angelica Panganiba for Ponds

Look what I found. Angelica Panganiban for Ponds. Check their facebook page here.

Another Angelica Panganiban Ponds photo inside -> Altho looking at the picture, too much edit looks less like Angelica Panganiban herself. Go check it out.

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More Photos from the Set of "The Neighbor's Wife"

Nearing its premiere, more photos were shown from the movie "The Neighbor's Wife" by

I was checking on yahoo news and an item caught my attention. "Carla Abellana goes all-out sexy in film; grandmother doesn’t approve of it" is the exact headline - check the story here. Reading the context, it seems that Carla's granny is not in any way sold out in the idea. Uhmmm, makes us think if these are just publicity stint.

Anyway, as if we care. Just seeing these "The Neighbor's Wife" set photos is enough to make PCOnliners happy for now. :D

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Solenn Heussaff Behind the Scenes Photos

I'm sure you know where this is from - from Jay Tablante's 'Les Femme Fatales'. The only difference is that, this is behind the scenes photos. See how Solenn Heussaff prepared for the role of Lady Wolveriine if that's really intended for that character. Pretty sexy Solenn.

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Coleen Garcia for Bunny Jeans

If you're not very familiar with the name Coleen Garcia, let me remind you about the Nestea commercial 'Matina'. Or one of the hurados in the morning show 'Showtime'. Still doesn't ring a bell? Just look at these photos of Coleen Garcia for Bunny Jeans and hope you remember the face.

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Nicole Hernandez Beach Photos

I can't believe that this is our very first post of Nicole Hernandez. We've known Nicole Hernandez from a couple of TV commercials and print ads. Despite her popularity, why haven't we featured her before. Looking on the bright side, we're now featuring Nicole Hernandez. And it comes with a treat that these are beach photos.

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