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The Daniel Matsunaga Elevator Controversy - Does Heart Evangelista Know About This?

For sure, you've already heard this on the news. The Daniel Matsunaga Elevator Scandal. Does Heart Evangelista know about this issue?

This was taken by a CCTV camera in an elevator. The sexy, beautiful girl first enters the elevator then followed by Daniel Matsunaga. In what appears to have fallen, you can see Daniel Matsunaga reaching something on the floor followed by a quick peck at the lips or somewhere.

I wonder if Heart Evangelista commented on the issue. Daniel Matsunaga and Heart Evangelista have been rumored to be dating exclusively.

Clicking the picture will open the Video File at the bottom ->


Sad to say, this is just a part of an Ad Campaign for Veet. So, this is just a fake. Sorry to disappoint, haha.

More Photos of this Pinay Celebrity->>

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