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Empress Shuck a Big Basketball Fan

Looks like Empress Shuck loves basketball as our friend James caught her watching a PBA game at the Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City. What a beautiful smile as if she's smiling directly to you.

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Empress Shuck
Empress Shuck 2

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Roxanne Guinoo on White Castle Whisky

If I'm not mistaken, this was the start Roxanne Guinoo accepted matured roles. Her being the White Castle Girl some years ago.

But look at Roxanne Guinoo now. A lot has totally changed. Her physique, her aura and her personality. I like her more now than she was before.

Try to compare Roxanne Guinoo as the white Castle Girl vs. Roxanne Guinoo in Maxim. Comment your observations.

Roxanne Guinoo White Castle Photos were cared of Bill Clinton. Nice photos man.

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Karylle After Breaking Up with Dingdong Dantes

Is there life after Dingdong Dantes? There surely is. Might be the exact words Karylle will tell us when we give her the same exact question.

Karylle recently signed a contract with Kapamilya network, formally joining her mom Zsa Zsa Padilla.

With her break up with long time bf Dingdong Dantes, a lot are asking. What's the real reason behind their split up. Is it because of Marian Rivera? Or is it because of the people around them that complicates things between them. Only them can answer.

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Maxim 2009 Calendar Party - Philippines Highlights

Last Tuesday, December 9 we had an early Christmas treat as we were invited to the first Maxim Philippines 2009 Calendar Party at Warehouse 135 in Makati City. And boy, it was a blast as it was hot hot hot.

The event was hosted by equally beautiful and sexy Malaya Lewandowski and Phoem Barranda. I personally liked the way Malaya handled the event. She was full of energy and naughty-ness if I must add.

Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 1

The Maxim Police girls, Matador girls, Frenzy girls and Citizen's watch girls were all jolly and accommodating. The number of Mocha Girls was fantastic and kinky especially the game were the contestants had to finish their matador drinks by sucking through a baby's bottle.

Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 2
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The Pinoy Fear Factor girls was more than a surprise. Janna Dominguez was really fun and cheery as well as the other girls. But when Cristine Reyes walked into the stage, the crowd was awed. Her dimples were outstanding as well as her body. She even signed our Maxim Philippines December issue.

The appearance of the RAN Online Calendar Girls signaled the last part of the event. But hey, we even spotted Gretchen Fullido who is very generous posing for our photos.

Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 3
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 4
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 5
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 6
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 7
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 8
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 9
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 10
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 11
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 12
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 13
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 14
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 15
Maxim 2009 Calendar Photos 16

Expect more of our individual Girls photos in our succeeding posts.

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Wowowee Girls

Wowowee Girls headed by RR Enriquez, Valerie Concepcion, Saicy Aguila, Milagring and Mariposal. Very lovely girls.

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Rica Peralejo Shoot by the Boat

Sexy Rica Peralejo photos taken by the river in a small banca. Photos cared of Carnal. Thanks for these wonderful photos man. Rica Peralejo is truly Fantastic.

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Rica Peralejo 1

Rica Peralejo 2
Rica Peralejo 3
Rica Peralejo 4
Rica Peralejo 5
Rica Peralejo 6
Rica Peralejo 7
Rica Peralejo 8
Rica Peralejo 9
Rica Peralejo 10
Rica Peralejo 11

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