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RR Enriquez's FHM June 2009 Photos

Photos of RR Enriquez that was on FHM June 2009 where RR Enriquez was the cover girl. More photos on the magazine. Grab your copy of FHM June 2009 with RR Enriquez on the cover.

5 more RR Enriquez June 2009 FHM photos inside->

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Hayden Kho's Video Outbreak - Unknown Foreign Girl

This just came in. Another Hayden Kho Video is quickly spreading over the net as of this writing. And who's the girl? Unfortunately, its an unknown foreign girl. We haven't watched the video yet, but was able to get a glimpse of the screenshots as emailed to us.

The footages were not as clear as Maricar's 3rd video. It's more like the Brazilian video where most of the shots were pointing at the ceiling. I'm not sure if there are any goody goody close ups.

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Jackie Rice on Maxim July 2009 - An Answered Prayer

As if it's an answered prayer. Jackie Rice finally graced the cover of one of the most popular men's magazine in the country today, Maxim Philippines. It took us almost a year before this momentous event.

If one can remember, last July 30, 2008, we've made a post requesting Jackie Rice to be on the cover [see Jackie Rice on FHM, Maxim or UNO Philippines] Not she's finally here. I wonder what surprises she has in store for us. Another note Mr. editor of Maxim. Can you assure us that there would be Jackie Rice and FHM Autograph Signing.

Jackie Rice on Maxim July 2009

Here's Maxim July's press release.

July 2009 marks the spectacular third anniversary of MAXIM Philippines and, in this special issue, we give readers what they’ve long been clamouring for: the sexy sweetheart Jackie Rice on the cover!

It’s been four years since the public first took notice of Jackie Rice when she emerged as the ultimate female survivor in the talent show Starstruck, and, this year, the 19-year old hits her stride. Already busy with her second soap of 2009 Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin, Jackie is marking her transition from ingĂ©nue to serious star with this stunning pictorial. It’s well worth the wait.

The July 2009 issue also pays tribute to one of MAXIM’s favourite topics: SEX. The magazine is cocked and loaded with many fascinating features that delve into the various aspects of the theme. The illicit and underground world of Personal Service Providers is explored and brought to light, as are the secret techniques and strategies employed by Pick Up Artists. Native Angeles resident and stand-up funnyman Tim Tayag takes readers on a pictorial trip to his city’s infamous red-light district Fields Avenue.

Erotic film buffs rejoice. This issue takes a closer look at some classics in the genre, from actual sex in mainstream movies to Elwood Perez’ controversial 1985 film Silip starring Sarsi Emanuelle and Maria Isabel Lopez. Actor Dick Israel, the iconic rapist kontrabida in many a Pinoy film, is this month’s MAXIM ICON.

What would MAXIM be without its girls? This month features Kaylani Lei, the half-Filipina sexpot who’s made it big in international porno, Fil-Chinese looker Melissa Chua, Katrina Hermosilla and the Russian pole dancers of Club Divino.

MAXIM July also takes you on an environmentally responsible ride with the newly launched 2010 Toyota Prius, puts you in the ring with the new UFC champ Lyoto Machida, and shows you what to wear when you want to look like Will Devaughn.

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Bealicious - The Talk of the Town Bea Alonzo in 2 Pc Bikini

I'm not sure if it was on the Buzz or Entertainment Live where we heard about this news that, Bea Alonzo's photos in 2 pc Bikini were published in an entertainment magazine. Now here it is. Bea Alonzo in 2 pc. Bikini.

Looking closely at the scanned photo, makes me think that somehow, Bea Alonzo's photos where photochopped. Where? Look closely at her love handles, the curves were exaggerated to the extent of creating a steep triangular curve. Although I must say that whoever did them, he's pretty consistent. He was able to make the same curve chop on the other photos where her curves are within eyes reach. Or probably it's just the pathetic me. Sorry, but I don't think Bea can have those steepy curves that fast.

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Angel Locsin also knows How to Party!

Angel Locsin sure looks very sexy in a white tube along with Dimples Romano and some guy (forgot his name, sorry). Even stars need a break.

Another photo of Angel Locsin inside ->

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Behind the Scenes of Marian Rivera's Talk & Text Shoot

Marian Rivera in the Behind the Scenes Photos of Talk & Text Commercial Shoot. Outstanding beauty. I wonder when will I gonna meet Marian Rivera in person. I hope that it's soon.

7 more Marian Rivera behind the scenes photos of Talk and Text inside ->

Marian Rivera Talk & Text

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The Comeback of Kaye Abad

Kaye Abad is on the rebound as she stars in this week's episode of Bud Brothers. I almost forgot her looks when I get a glimpsed of the trailer. Kaye Abad is partnered with Guji Lorenzo. I dunno if its just me. But the way I see Kaye Abad, I can't helped but think that she looks like she withered. Maybe I just missed the old Kaye Abad from the Tabing Ilog days.

Kaye Abad

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Jacq Yu and Friends

Friends of Jacq Yu at the set of the former TV Show "Parekoy". Frankly speaking, I'm not very familiar with the other girls in this set of photos. I only know Jacq Yu. Seen her in person, very pretty. Makes me wanna post her picture with me. But I changed my mind, :D.

10 more photos of Jacq Yu and friends inside ->

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Revealing Anne Curtis Bikini Suit

Anne Curtis in a very sexy bikini outfit. Though it's a 1 piece bikini, looks like a 3-piece to me without the ring in the middle.

7 more Anne Curtis in sexy bikini inside->

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UNO Party at Club LAX

This will be my first UNO Event since they changed people at UNO. Hope it will be worth it. :D

Be among the privileged to party with UNO Magazine, version 2.0, as the ultimate lifestyle magazine for men brings you an evening to relish at the LAX Night Club, San Miguel Avenue by the Bay, June 25, Thursday at 9PM.

Join us as we celebrate fashion icon Celine Lopez on our June cover, together with the equally beautiful, TV host Maggie Wilson, and enjoy the fabulous Hip-Hop music & RNB Remix from one of the most prominent DJ’s in the Philippines , DJ X Factor.

For guest list inclusion or subscriptions, please email us at, or call us at 842-6524.

UNO Magazine – Dispatches for the discerning man. See Us There!

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Diana Zubiri Gave Birth to a Baby Boy - How True?

How true is the news that Diana Zubiri gave birth to a baby boy last June 19, 2009 at the Makati Medical Center. That must be the reason why all of a sudden, we've been missing on Diana Zubiri in Bubble Gang as well as TV guestings.

According to the news, the baby's name is Baby Boy Achilles, as what Diana and Alex Lopez (Diana's non-showbiz husband, apparently they were married) call him.

Check the details of the story on Diana Zubiri's giving birth inside ->

Full story here - Diana Zubiri Nanganak Na

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