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Angelica Panganiban Photos

No matter if the controversial photos of Angelica Panganiban that surface the net before was true or not, there's only one word we can describe this voluptuous babe - Hot!

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Joey Mead' Spray Painted Body on Rogue Magazine

Joey Mead used to be a VJ in Channel V. I thought she was a goner since she was out of the limelight for quite a while until I saw the cover of Rogue Magazine. She still rocks.

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Angel Locsin Wallpapers

We'd like to start our Celebrity Wallpaper Section with Angel Locsin. Credits to these wallpapers goes to the owners.

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Dawn Zulueta still looks ageless

I'm sure nobody will disagree when I say this - Dawn Zulueta is still a Bombshell. She doesn't seem to age a bit. You wouldn't even notice that she already had a child. Simply amazing as one may say.

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Ehra Madrigal Photos on FHM Philippines June 2008

I'm sure that my friend will definitely love this post. The rest of Ehra Madrigal photos in FHM Philippines June 2008 Edition. Feast your eyes, parekoy, hehe!

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RR Enriquez scans from Maxim Philippines June 2008

Scanned Photos of RR Enriquez in Maxim Philippines June 2008 Edition. Many thanks to Lycan Moon (Mabuhay ka!) for this wonderful scan job.

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Interesting Angel Locsin Photos

I'd bet that you haven't seen this amazing photos of Angel Locsin yet. Oh you already did? Then, I bet the others haven't.. :D

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Latest Ellen Adarna Photos


NAME: Ellen Meriam Go Adarna
AGE: 19 yrs old
BIRTHDAY: September 15, 1988 (virgo)
OCCUPATION: image model (loreal ph-kr 2004)
HEIGHT: 5'6"
RELIGION: Roman Catholic
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Tagalog, english, bisaya, french
SCHOOL: St Theresa's College - Cebu

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RR Enriquez and Heaven Enriquez is the same girl after all

Look what I found from net searching, RR Enriquez (with the Controversial Calendar and June 2008 Maxim Philippines Cover) and Heaven Enriquez who appeared in FHM Philippines' The Girls of FHM August of 2006 is the same girl.

Not only that, it appears that she has gone thru the knife to enhance her bumper (mammoplasty) as well as increase the bridge of her nose (rhinoplasty).

Below are her Before and After photos from 2 competing Men's Magazine. What do you think guyz?

FHM Philippines 'The Girls of FHM August 2006'

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Maxim Philippines June 2008 - Special thanks to Lycan Moon

Based on her appearance in FHM

On Guys:
Heaven digs guys who sport the "kalbo" look. "Dapat mukha kang palaban. Basta kalbo. Yung mukhang sexy. Lalo na yung chinito."

Heaven likes to go on dating. She had tried dating 12 guys in one night. As of now, she's not keen on having a serious relationship. "I don’t want to have a boyfriend just yet. I’m enjoying my single life and my boylets. Ha ha ha! "

Heaven was one of the models who appeared in Parokya Ni Edgar's "Papa Cologne" music video.

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Nadine Schmidt on Sinful Nights Video

Do you still remember Nadine Schmidt? She's the former host in the noon time show Eat Bulaga, and later decided to show some flesh in her starring move Sinful Nights. However, the tried and tested formula as stepping stone simply didn't work for her. Check a clip from that movie Sinful Nights.

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KC Concepcion on Yes Magazine as Cover

I'm not so sure about this photo of KC Concepcion in Yes Magazine, its just too big to use her face as the cover. I simply don't like the art direction. Perhaps its the hair or the make-up or maybe its just me.

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