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Angelica Panganiban in the land of Barrack

Angelica Panganiban photos in her visit to USA. Too bad there ain't no close up shots. Maybe next time. :D

7 more photos of Angelica Panganiban inside ->

Angelica Panganiban 1

Angelica Panganiban 2
Angelica Panganiban 3
Angelica Panganiban 4
Angelica Panganiban 5
Angelica Panganiban 6
Angelica Panganiban 7
Angelica Panganiban 8

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Pinky Webb on Making our Mornings 'Umagang Kay Ganda'

Pinky Webb, the regular morning host of Umagang Kay Ganda with her usual beautiful smile. Is it because of her rumored partner GKNB host Edu Manzano?

In the last FAMAS Award, where Edu was awarded as Best Game Show host, Edu acknowledged and thanked her presence which can be regarded as a cue that they were indeed living together. Lucky Edu or lucky Pinky? :D

The rest of Pinky Webb photos inside ->

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Eva Fonda Female Casts - Cristine Reyes

Eva Fonda remake starring Cristine Reyes. Joining her as female casts of Eva Fonda are Janna Dominguez (from Pinoy Fear Factor), Hazel Ann Mendoza, Sylvia Sanchez and Jean Saburit. Baron Geisler plays the role of a psychotic rapist that will eventually stalk for the beauty of Eva Fonda herself - Cristine Reyes.

Sometimes, being the bad guy isn't bad at all, hehe. Take the role of Baron. As the bad guy, he gets to get close with Cristine. I'm sure most guys would exchange for that role. We simply hope that Baron would only do it in the set and not in real life.

Female cast photos of Eva Fonda inside ->

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Unedited vs. Edited Cristine Reyes on Maxim December Cover

These are 2 versions of Maxim December 2008 with Cristine Reyes on the cover. Look closely on the difference - the power of Photoshop.

The first photo is the scanned version of Maxim December 2008. The second photo is released by Maxim on their multiply site.

Check the bigger version of the unedited and edited Maxim December photos.

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The Old Glory of Beth Tamayo

The Old Glories of Beth Tamayo in Photos. I think she's already a MILF. Any latest on her? Please post your comments.

4 more photos of Beth Tamayo inside ->

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Andi Manzano on Ellipse Commercial

Andi Manzano AKA Andi9 for Ellipse Commercial.

She looks like Claudine Barretto meets Karel Marquez. Beautiful indeed. Andi9 is part of the Mo Twister show in Studio 23.

4 more photos of Andi Manzano inside ->

Andi Manzano Photo 1

Andi Manzano Photo 2
Andi Manzano Photo 3
Andi Manzano Photo 4
Andi Manzano Photo 5

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The Missing Cristine Reyes Boob Cage Photos

If you were fascinated with Cristine Reyes Boob Cage in Full View post, I'm sure this post is equally interesting as these are the missing link to that series.

Cristine Reyes Missing Boob Cage Photos inside ->

Cristine Reyes Photo

Cristine Reyes Scandal
Cristine Reyes Scandal Photo

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Michelle Madrigal - The Other Sexy Madrigal

She's not related to Sen. Jamby Madrigal (as far as I know) and she's not also part of the Madrigal Singers. But she is very much related to Ehra Madrigal. It's simply because she is her sister. What a beautiful family, hehe. Sorry for the nonsense, haha.

Other photos of Michelle Madrigal were cared of DJ Myke Salomon, another very lucky photographer. Wish I could be like you, Sir. Someday, I will.

5 more photos of Michelle Madrigal inside ->

Michelle Madrigal 1

Michelle Madrigal 2
Michelle Madrigal 3
Michelle Madrigal 4
Michelle Madrigal 5
Michelle Madrigal 6

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Katrina Halili on FHM Top 100 Party

This may be a little too late, but it's better late than never huh. Just like to share Katrina Halili as she models on the ramp at the FHM Philippines Top 100 Girls Party held at the World Trade Center some months ago.

A lot of people are very fond of Katrina Halili admiring her sexy body. And on top of that, her 24 incher waistline, yes its only 24 inches. Although I haven't personally measured it, maybe later, hehe. But to tell you frankly, I'm not into Katrina Halili that much. Maybe I got carried away with her villain character roles, hehe. But don't mind me.

Just check the remaining 5 sexy photos of Katrina Halili inside ->

Katrina Halili

Katrina Halili 1
Katrina Halili 2
Katrina Halili 3
Katrina Halili 4
Katrina Halili 5

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