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Marian Rivera is FHM's Sexiest Woman in the Philippines

Guys, its now confirmed. Marian Rivera is indeed FHM's Sexiest Woman in the Philippines. Marian Rivera once mentioned that if she topped the Philippines Sexiest, she will be more than obliged to pose for its cover. Now that she done it, we'll be more than excited to check her on the newsstands.

Marian Rivera is now the 2nd woman in philippine history to land the post of Sexiest Woman without yet appearing on its cover. The first of which is being held by Donita Rose.

Check her out in FHM's July 2008 Edition with Diana Zubiri on its cover along with the 100 FHM's Sexiest Woman in the World.

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Diana Zubiri is FHM's July 2008 Cover girl

Kapuso star Diana Zubiri is once again FHM Pilippines Cover girl for July 2008. If you'll remember, a few days back, we've made a post "Revisiting Diana Zubiri on FHM" including her photos from the past 2 fhm covers she graced before.

Now, that's a three-peat for Ms. Diana Zubiri, making it the 3rd time to appear in FHM Philippines. Is FHM experiencing from Cover babe shortage to reincarnate previous cover girls? We want new faces Mr. Editor.

Once the magazine is out, expect Scanned Photos of Diana Zubiri on FHM July 2008 edition

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Roxanne Guinoo is Maxim's July 2008 Cover

Kapamilya Roxanne Guinoo is Maxim Philippines July 2008 cover girl - its 3rd Anniversary Edition. The lead starrer of "Ligaw na Bulaklak" - Roxanne Guinoo is rumored to be dating ex -PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Victor Basa.

If you will remember, Roxanne Guinoo also appeared as cover girl in Maxim Philippines March 2007 edition. Below are Roxanne's scanned photos along with the Video Pictorial of Maxim July 2008 Issue.

More Roxanne Guinoo Maxim Photos and movie inside

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Krista Ranillo goes Sexy in Paupahan and FHM

Wanna know the latest buzz? It's Krista Ranillo goes sexy and daring in an Indie Movie Paupahan and rumored to be on the cover of FHM Philippines come August 2008. But who is she anyway?

Krista Ranillo is the eldest of Matt Ranillo III. She took a break from showbiz to pursue her studies. 2 years later, here she comes, surprising the movie industry with her bold as in literally "bold" move.

More Krista Ranillo photos and Paupahan trailer inside.

For now, enjoy some of her sexy photos as well as the trailer of the movie "Paupahan". We'll sure post her FHM photos once released.

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Aubrey Miles in Red Bikini

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

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Tracing Back on Maricar De Mesa - GoBingo's Finest

Everytime we come across with GMA's Gobingo, we can't help but go back in history when the Gobingo girl was still Maricar De Mesa.

Maricar De Mesa has graced the pages of FHM Philippines twice: on the inside pages of October 2001 and then on the cover a year later, in October 2002.

It is with Maricar's Cover, in 2002, when FHM broke the hundred thousand copy print run barrier. Sweet.

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Roxanne Guinoo's Sexy and Not so Sexy Photos

Ligaw na Bulalaklak starrer Roxanne Guinoo looks differently in the photos below. The first three are indeed the sexiest photos of Roxanne Guinoo we've ever seen. Wearing a beautiful dress with a very low neckline, what more can you ask for.

However, the last 2 photos in this post, we're not sure if our eyes are failing us. But that pose along with the dress - very unsexy of her. Does she really have a huge waistline? Coz that's what the photos are showing us.

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Lougee of Eat Bulaga Wallpapers

Lougee is the newest host of Eat Bulaga. If you're asking, "where did she come from?". Well, she's the Lead Vocalist and writer of the Band "Mojofly". She has also appeared in numerous print ads & TV commercials.

Download Lougee's Wallpapers and check her out everytime you fire up your computer.

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Anne Curtis - Richard Gutierez Video Scandal Part 2

We're sure that you've already heard about the Video Scandal of Anne Curtis with her Ex-boyfriend Richard Gutierez. But did you know that this scandal actually has Video Scandal Part 2?

Anne Curtis & Richard Gutierez Kissing Scandal - Part 1

More Anne Curtis Scanda Videos After the JUMP>>

Anne Curtis & Richard Gutierez Kissing Scandal - Part 2

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Video of Shy and Gerald Anderson Kissing Scandal Part2

When we first posted Pinoy Big Brother House Player Shy and PBB Edition 1 Gerald Anderson (currently in My Girl) - Shy & Gerald Scandal, we thought that it's all there is.

But we're more than surprise to have found this in Youtube. Well, its basically the same Kissing scene, but there more photos of them together, proving that they are indeed a couple before.

Part 2 of Shy and Gerald Anderson Kissing Scandal - Video format

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Princess Ryan of Wowowee

You probably don't know Princess Ryan that much but if you're a regular Wowowee viewer, then you've already seen her dance wearing super sexy, too little, skimpy outfits. Check her out. Thanks Ybanag for these photos.

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Bianca King in Undies Reads Her Magazine in the Morning

This is probably how Bianca King spends her morning. Sleeps in her undies. The next morning, gets up from bed, straight to her reading room. Checks which magazine to read and browse. Once she finds something interesting, slowly lie down and who knows what happens next.

Really sexy. Wish we could be your reading partner!

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Maui Taylor OverRipe Mangoes

Whenever I see Maui Taylor naked in Movies, I can't help but asked, aren't they going to explode? Looks like that her mangoes were out of season already. But I must say that it is her innocent looking face that captures that instant moment to watch/want her more.

Like in the movie Hibla, you'll notice that its her face that'll get you hypnotized especially when she started to remove her dress.

More Maui Taylor Photos inside.

Curious to see what's behind the black tape? Download Maui Taylor's Uncensored Photos here.

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Angel Locsin Dances Dirty in ASAP 08

Just after lunch, I was busy watching Iron Man on the net when my wife called my attention saying that Angel Locsin was gracefully, dirty dancing in ASAP 08. I hurriedly went downstairs and was able to get a glimpse of the last part of the dance number.

It was indeed Angel Locsin, dancing to the tune of 'Dance of My Life' wearing a fishnet, backless and braless top and a grass skirt. Very very sexy dance number. Seeing that part, I took my chances and searched if there was a clip in Youtube.

It turned out that ASAP 08 is not Live afterall. The dance number of Angel Locsin that was shown was actually her Birthday Dance Number from 2 months ago. Watch Angel Locsin and her Dirty Dance at the bottom part of this post.

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