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Hot Comedy Night of Maxim with Daiana Menezes and Lingerie Event

Here's another event worth attending. It's a "Hot Comedy Night of Maxim" with June covergirl Daiana Menezes happening on June 13, Saturday at the Fiamma Bar in Makati City. The event promised for a night of laughs, lovely ladies, and lingerie.

The luscious--not to mention red-hot--Daiana Menezes is celebrating her birthday and Maxim Philippines is throwing her a party. The first 100 Maxim Philippines readers with a copy of the June issue (which will also be available at the venue) can get their magazines autographed by our lovely cover girl.

So prepare those cameras, batteries and memory cards as you're most likely to ran out of. And of course, what a better way to share your photos by sending them to PCO after. :D

Maxim Lingerie Event

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Part 3 of Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal?

How true are the rumors that there's a Part 3 of Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal? Somebody emailed us this photo but unfortunately, we can't show the rest for censorship purposes. We don't even know if these are true as we haven't watched the video yet.

So where are the links to the Part 3 of Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal? Sorry but we can't spoon feed you on this one. You have to be a little resourceful for that. Who knows, it might be just in front of you waiting.

Just when we thought that the issue is finally over. Makes me think that the other stars involved are just waiting to be uploaded. So keep your heads up. Better subscribed so that you won' t be left behind.

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Angel Locsin on Guess the Underarm Product

Someone emailed us this amazing Angel Locsin Underarm Photos. Without mentioning anything, can you guess the Underarm Product that these photos were taken from? Your guess is as good as mine.

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FHM Sexiest Women of 2009 My Top 10 Personal Choice

While we're waiting for the final tabulation of the FHM 100 Sexiest Women of 2009, let me share with you my Top 10 FHM Sexiest Women of 2009. Just a word of caution though. I didn't base my list purely on the physical aspect. I also consider women who are witty, bubbly and funny as SEXY.

So here's my Top 10 FHM Sexiest Women of 2009 list:

1. Regine Angeles - The moment I saw this girl when she joined the Be Bench: Search for the Next Bench Model, I knew that I got the hots for her. Regine Angeles is like the modern Filipina beauty that is simple, quiet but a bombshell when needed. Her roles in My Girl, Palos and the recent in Tayong Dalawa only proves that she can act.

2. Marian Rivera - Yeah, I must admit. Marian Rivera's Scandal Videos affected my inclination to her. But if beauty and sexiness on the physical aspect, I must say that Marian Rivera is way above the rest. Her role in Marimar and Dyesebel not only shows her popularity, but more of her skin as well. (remember the topless Marian Rivera in Dyesebel)

3. Carlene Aguilar - Yes, she's a single mom. And that's probably the reason why she's on my Top 3 list. I find Carlene a lot more beautiful now that she has a son compared to her when she's single. Her previous relationship with Dennis Trillo not only make her more visible in showbiz but more popular as well. My vote goes to you because of your fighting spirit. :D

4. Cristine Reyes - I personally seen Cristine Reyes [Maxim Calendar Party] and she really has it. Very flawless. Her skin is as white as snow. Good thing I was able to control myself from giving her my signature hug. :D [ hug with a kiss ]

5. Mariel Rodriguez - Very funny girl. I like her eyes, her smile and the kakikayan in her.

6. Angel Locsin - Angel's career went ballistic for her roles in Kapuso Network. Then all of a sudden transferred to Kapamilya Network. At first we thought, that's the end of her career. But then again, looks like she has quickly bounced with Lobo and this time in Only You. Just a little plump though. Better go dieting again, Ms. Angel Locsin.

7. Shaina Magdayao - I've seen how this girl grow from a cutey, little girl. And now a very sexy lady. Wish I could meet her in person though.

8. Angelica Panganiban - When talking about Angelica Panganiban, I always think of those calendar photos that were eventually photoshopped to make it look curvy and voluptous. I wonder if any of those were true. But lately, seeing her latest HerBench poster in SM, my jaw almost dropped. Makes me wanna rip the poster and take her home.

9. Sarah Geronimo - Physically, we may not have seen her shed some skin. But for sure, Sarah Geronimo is sexy in and out. Her voice is just one proof. Add her acting in A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life was unexpected at least from me. I never thought she could make me laugh.

10. Jennylyn Mercado - Another hot mom. I like her even during her starstruck days. Too bad, she got pregnant early. But still, her comeback was something. Doing everything for her baby. Even going naked in her Jennylyn Coffee Table Book. Kudos to you, Jennylyn Mercado.

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Nadine Samonte Photos

One of the pioneer Starstruck member Nadine Samonte. I was a little surprised to see that I have not posted a single post solely for Nadine Samonte. The only photo I got was with Cristine Reyes [Cristine Reyes with Nadine Samonte] taken from FHM Sexiest Women of the World 2007 if I'm not mistaken. That's why we're alloting this page solely for you Ms. Nadine Samonte.

7 more Nadine Samonte Photos inside ->

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Geneva Cruz Sexiest Pinay Vegetarian; Barbie Hsu Sexiest Vegetarian in Asia

Geneva Cruz, Maxim's Cover Girl for May 2009, is the first Sexiest Pinay Vegetarian for 2009 beating the likes of Lougee, Yasmien Curdi, Alicia Mayer and Chin Chin Gutierez. This is based on the month long online poll conducted by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

On the other hand, Barbie Hsu from Taiwan was the leader in the same poll as the Sexiest Vegetarian for 2009 in Asia.

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Marian Rivera in Darna Suit

Marian Rivera in Darna Suit. Check how Marian Rivera will soon fly in front of our boobtube in this latest interpretation of Mars Ravelo's Darna soon on GMA Primetime.

Now the question is, who's the better Darna. Is it Marian Rivera or Angel Locsin? Once we've seen Marian Rivera as Darna throws some punches and kicks, only then we can truly compare her with the previous darna Angel Locsin.

Another Marian Rivera in Darna suit photo inside -> Photo cared of

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Maja Salvador Black and White Photo

My favorite Pinay Celebrity, Ms. Maja Salvador in black and white photo. Why do I like her? Maybe its her eyes. Or maybe the nose. It could also because of the lips or more importantly because of her smiles. Literally takes my breath away.

Another sexy photo of Ms. Maja Salvador in color inside ->

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Marian Rivera - Natasha Beauty

Marian Rivera Natasha Advertisements. Photos of Marian Rivera for Natasha Beauty. Simply flawless.

More Marian Rivera photos for Natasha inside ->

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