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Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis, Bubbles Paraiso Know How to Party Video

Originally, this post is only for Georgina Wilson. But lo and behold, not only Georgina is in this video, but a lot of pinay celebrities like Anne Curtis, Bubbles Paraiso etc.

Enjoy! Pinay Celebrities on party mode.

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Priscilla Meirelles in Jeans and Bikini Top

Priscilla Meirelles in jeans and bikini top. Sexy!

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More Manny Pacquiao Faces

Watch out for the Manny Pacquiao - Clottey fight come this year. Too bad, the Manny Pacquio-Floyd Gayweather didn't push thru. For sure, Manny would slice Gayweather into pieces using his ala Wolverine moves, haha.

More Manny Pacquiao faces inside ->

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Sam Pinto in White Short Sleeve Dress

I dunno if these can be qualified in the category of 'kimona'. But these Sam Pinto photos are a work of art. Or should I say not the photo but the person in the pictures instead.

I tried looking back and forth at this Sam Pinto photos to see whose resemblance does she have among pinay celebrities. After some time looking, I must say she looks like Bangs Garcia or Kim Chiu (second pic).

2 more Sam Pinto pictures inside ->

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Georgina Wilson Likes to Ride

Here's a quick trivia with 'The Ultimate Fantasy' Georgina Wilson. Did you know that Georgina Wilson likes to ride especially a big stallion (horse) like the one in the picture below? Well if not, don't worry, I was just teasing you. That was just an assumption seeing Georgina Wilson riding this horse in the picture.

Another Georgina Wilson with a sexy drink inside ->

Georgina Wilson likes to ride

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Heart Evangelista Peak a Boo Photos

We got to give it to Pinoy Parazzi for getting such interesting photos of Pinay Celebrities here and there. And Heart Evangelista is no exception. In these photos, Heart Evangelista is wearing a plunging neckline and somehow, this ninja photographer was able to catch that precious, unguarded moments. Sweet!

One more Heart Evangelista sexy photo inside ->

Heart Evangelista Scandal

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Mariel Rodriguez Tweetums Photos

Mariel Rodriguez in this Pa-Tweetums photo set. Sweet and fresh smile and very pretty. Zanjoe is very lucky indeed.

More Mariel Rodriguez tweetums photos inside ->

Mariel Rodriguez

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Hottest Picture of Georgina Wilson in Hires

Back in January, we posted the Sexiest photo of Georgina Wilson but it was merely just a capture from a standee. Good thing Manolo sent us these Hires Georgina Wilson photos from the same exhibit of Xander Angeles. Thanks Manolo.

Hires Georgina Wilson hottest picture ever inside ->

Sexiest photo of Georgina Wilson ever

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Cristine Reyes on Mega Magazine Cover March 2010 Issue

'The Dream' Cristine Reyes is on the cover of Mega Magazine for March 2010. And if you've seen the 2 part Cristine Reyes' posed for Natasha underwear, we're not done yet. Still more to come. Be sure to always check PCO.

Cristine Reyes, Mega magazine, sexy cristine reyes

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SamPaul - Sam Pinto and Paul Jake Loveteam

If there's Melason (Melai - Jason) loveteam, make way for SamPaul (Sam Pinto - Paul Jake) loveteam. Or at least as we imagine it. It's not a secret that Paul Jake already has a gf but given the chance, I'd say that Sam Pinto could've been perfect for him.

What do you think peeps? I so love Sam Pinto!

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