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Car Can Racing - Filipino Flash Racing Game - Commercial

Just a little commercial here. Just like to share this little cute Can Car Racing Game that is very Filipino in its sense. Why is that, you may ask? Coz this reminds me of my childhood where we used to make Cars out of Alaska cans, hehe. In this flash game, you will be racing against other cars made of cans. The default can even looks familiar, is that a Nido Can? hehe.

Check the game. The highest score that I got was only 1042. Highest score on tag is 160,786 by some Ponchi. Don't know how he did that. Maybe he's the one who made the game. Try to beat his score. Play now. Tell us your score by posting it as comments.

Car Can Race is brought to you by

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Valerie Concepcion Slenda Wallpapers

Slenda endorser Valerie Concepcion is one hot mama. That's our previous post when we feature her some weeks ago. And as if we can't get enough of that, here's Valerie Concepcion Slenda Wallpapers.

3 more Slenda Wallpapers inside.

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Batch 2 - 2nd Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) Photos

2nd Batch Photos to the 2nd Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) last August 21-24, 2008.

I love cars... especially the people beside them, hehe. The girl in the white jacket gave a different view in my personal and humble opinion. Makes me wanna buy a car from her. wink wink.

Check the other girls inside. Lots of them actually. Check also the 1st Batch of PIMS Car Show.

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In just a matter of hours, minutes or so, we will be transferred to a new domain - We've just registered with Enom and once the propagation has taken effect, all will be automatically redirected to our new domain

Why, why not other names instead? The reason is simply because, that's the only available that is close to our identity. Too bad other names were already taken. Hope this move helps our viewers easily remember our site.

Let's check some friends who were just as happy and excited about this move. Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, Aubrey Miles and Joker.

Angel Locsin quickly dashed to check her laptop to see if it's true.

Anne Curtis quickly called us congratulating on the latest news.

Aubrey Miles quickly made an announcement to her friends.

Joker was very excited indeed.

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Cheska Garcia's Bridal Shower Party by Metro Weddings

Metro Weddings recently throws a bridal shower party for their cover girl Cheska Garcia last August 16, 2008 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Makati City. Cheska Garcia is soon to wed basketball player Doug Kramer. Was Jennylyn Mercardo invited? I bet not, coz she just had delivered her baby. :D

How bout the wedding? Jennylyn Mercardo will not be listed in the 350 guest list, but rather as part of Cheska's family member list. Sweet sister in law. :D

More of Cheska Garcia's Bridal Shower Party photos inside =>.

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