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Isabel Oli - The Forest Nymph

One of the most attractive and unique face in showbiz today belongs to that of Isabel Oli. Paolo Contis is indeed one lucky man. Are they still together? I think they still are.

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Angel Locsin from the Land Down Under

The latest movie of Angel Locsin with Piolo Pascual - The Land Down Under. It's the movie that the two starrer of "Lobo" did in Bukidnon. The same where Angel had an accident that got her eyes swollen.

Honestly, I don't like Angel Locsin with Piolo Pascual. But I do like her, only simply as Angel Locsin. She's the exact typical image of a Filipina, morena, simple and yet oozing with sex appeal, agree? But if I had to choose between Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera, I think I'd choose... both of them. Can I take them home with me? You wish... haha.

2 more photos of Angel Locsin from Down Under...

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Marian Rivera's Breakup with non-showbiz BF

In the recent interview by Phil Entertainment Portal (, Marian Rivera reveals that she had broken up with her non-showbiz bf Ervic Vijandre and denies having romance with her loveteam Dingdong Dantes.

If I were Ervic, I would never let go of Marian Rivera. Otherwise, it is Marian who broke up with him. Maybe the rumors with Dingdong Dantes are true. We'll never know.

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Roxanne Guinoo Binugbog ni Jake Cuenca?

How true are the rumors that Roxanne Guinoo was physically abused by former bf Jake Cuenca? And the reason why she kept her mouth is because of the confidentiality agreement between her and her network?

We just read the news on and also got photos of Roxanne's bruises and burn. Who knows that there may be even more in other parts of her body. If these rumors were indeed true, shame on Jake Cuenca for doing this to such a beautiful lady like Roxanne Guinoo.

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Valerie 'Bangs' Garcia on Maxim Philippines' Cover November 2008

Palos girl Valerie 'Bangs' Garcia is now on the cover of Maxim Philippines November 2008 edition. The former Close-Up to Fame runner up was also part of the original all-women cast Banana Split, but had to pull out after schedule conflict. So if ever you won't see her this Saturday on Banana Split, you now know the reason.

Another highlight about Valerie 'Bangs' Garcia that I'm sure most men would have to watch out is her sexy calendar for a liquor brand. As of this writing, no revelations have been made yet, but our strong instinct tells us that it could be White Castle. But lets see, I might be wrong.

As soon as we get some of the inside pages of Valerie Garcia on Maxim November, we'll surely share it with everybody. Or if you happen to have it already, you're most welcome to send us email of your scanned magazine.

Valerie Garcia

Brought to you by Pinay Celebrity Online - always ahead of the news...

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Claudine Barreto's Iisa Pa Lamang - Very Disappointing

I happen to watch last night's episode of "Iisa Pa Lamang", and oh my, I was so disappointed by that episode. I always wanted to think the ABS people are good with drama telenovelas. But this is totally an exemption. The plot was very unrealistic and disappointing indeed. There was a scene where Claudine was pointing a gun to Chery Pie Picache, and they were chitchatting for like an hour with a gun on each hands. Then suddenly, Chery Pie dared Claudine to shoot her. But as expected, she was to coward to do it.

And the climax, Isadora (Chery Pie) was sucked by a quicksand (do we have quicksand here in the Phils?). She was begging for help but with the bag on her hand. Catherine (Claudine) is offering her a stick, but for some reason, she can't since she's holding her bag. But as you clearly see it, Catherine can easily reach her with her hands, what's the use of her stick. And the bag, it was not even in the way.

Good thing it will be finished this week. And I was very much relief seeing Claudine's photo below. Uhmm, pwede.. :D grinning... Tell me what you see...

Brought to you by PEP.

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FHM November 2008 - 100th Issue Blowout

FHM Philippines November issue is actually its 100th Issue to date. Too bad that our anticipation that this issue would be the debut of FHM Sexiest Marian Rivera but it looks like that she's too busy at the moment.

So, what can we expect in this special 100th issue of FHM Philippines? Just by looking at the cover, we're given with 5 girls namely Precious Adona, Joyce So, Jacq Yu, Gail Nicolas and Cherry Ann Kubota. I'm sure this is another sizzling hot issue. Can't wait to see what's inside.


FHM November 2008 100th issue blowout is now available at your favorite Magazine stands.

Watch out for the inside photos when we post them here...

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Leah Dizon - The Innocent Looking FilAm Tease

What's in Leah Dizon that even you've already seen her, but the moment you see her picture again, its like there's always something new in her. Feels like you want to see more of her.

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Sexy Times with Riza Santos

Sexy times with Riza Santos with Magic 89.9.

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I Love Heart Evangelista

We've borrowed some of Heart Evangelista's photos by her fans. Can't help it coz deep inside me, I'm a Heart Evangelista fan. I just don't like her being with Echo. I dunno why? Maybe I'm jealous or maybe I simply don't like her with him. But now that they're apart, I love her more.

Heart Evangelista stars in GMA Asero.

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