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Mariel Rodriguez Not Included in FHM 100 Sexiest List

After watching the FHM 100 Sexiest Party 2008 Philippines, we've noticed that some of our favorite sexy, voluptuous stars were not included. A clear instance is the case of Mariel Rodriguez. I'm sure a lot of people has voted for Mariel including myself, but to our dismay, she was not included.

Is it because she hasn't posed for FHM Philippines but in Maxim Philippines? How bout in UNO Real Hottest Girls? We'll sure vote for her, hopefully she makes it this time around.

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Videos of FHM 100 Sexiest Party 2008 Philippines Webcast

These are the aftermaths of the FHM 100 Sexiest Party 2008 Philippines. We were unlucky enough to grab a ticket but lucky enough to watch everything on webcast. Although, these could have been more pleasing to the eye if it taken live.

Just to keep our appetite, here's the video captures of FHM 100 Sexiest Party 2008 Philippines held last July 17, 2008 at the World Trade Center in Roxas Blvd., Pasay City.

Some of the highlights of the annual libido filled event are the following;

  1. Sandwich music
  2. The FHM intro ala James Bond 007
  3. Ramp modelling set of the major sponsors (Citizen, Master, RRJ, Samba, Surbex and Premiere)
  4. Cristine Reyes Dance Number
  5. Double trouble performance of Precious Adona and Riza Santos
  6. Song and Dance Number by the Kitty Girls
  7. Nina Jose and Hazel Ann Mendoza Sexy Dance intermission.
Of the 100 Sexiest List only 36 including Mob Princess Marian Rivera graced the event.

If you got photos of the said event especially that of Marian Rivera, please send us a copy so that we'll share it with everybody.

Ciao and enjoy!

Just in case Youtube is still having problems with blogspot, you may view the videos by following the links.

Part1 -


Part3 -

Part4 -

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FHM 100 Sexiest Party - Ongoing (July 17, 2008)

If you're at home and kinda visiting this blog, then we'd like to inform you that FHM 100 Sexiest Party is now ongoing in World Trade Center in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

But you don't need to go there to watch it. You may check it live at your own desktop. How?

Simply register at

Once registered, click login at the bottom (I was confused with this at first). Use your email and password and whoala, you're also watching what we are watching LIVE.


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Cristine Reyes vs. Katrina Halili - Fight

In our opinion, yours included, Cristine Reyes and Katrina Halili are two of the sexiest girls in philippine television today. Katrina Halili stars in GMA telebabad "Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan" while Cristine Reyes awaits for the airing start of Kapamilya teleserye "Eva Fonda".

But what if they'll get together, wear thongs and bikinis alike and go for a pictorial? Absolutely an explosion. Check these behind the scene photos they did for a calendar in FHM Philippines for year 2008.


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Gretchen Barreto Scandals

Last last night, we were watching TV Patrol and one of the Showbiz Balita was regarding Gretchen Barreto Vs. Angel Locsin. This was brought up with a case of Angel Locsin having said that Claudine should not be insecure of her.

So, how is this related to Gretchen Barreto Scandals. Well, the incident simply reminds us of the series of events La Greta was involved in. We actually admire Ms. Gretchen for reinventing herself, not running out of issues just for the sake to put her into the picture.

How many of you hadn't heard about the Scandal Photos of Gretchen Barreto and John Estrada with John reaching out for a kiss to Gretchen, torrid. (if not, its now your chance to check it below).
More Gretchen Barreto Scandal Photos inside=>

Not only that, at the height of scandals we're not sure if its prior to or after John Estrada Kissing Photo, another series of photos was spread on purpose. This time, Gretchen with an unknown man. The only suspicious thing about the photos is that, the man's face is always covered. So we thought, this was planted. (see below for photos).

These are just some of the out of this world scandals. We'll try to scout for more and post it here. Enjoy.

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Sexy Girls of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2

Since we are a big fan of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2, we thought of posting them here. But we only got one limitation. We'll just focus on the Sexy Girls of PDA Season 2.

Meet the very beautiful and alluring Girls of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2. From Left to right: Apple of Cebu, Bea of Muntinlupa, Bunny from Negros Oriental, Cris from Paranaque, Laarni of Sultan Kudarat, Liezel from Puerto Galera and Sheng of Quezon City.

Of all the 7 Acadreamians, we personally like Bea, Cris and Sheng from the way they look and they way they dress. Although Bea is a little snob, but that only makes it more interesting. Sheng is liberated from the previous episodes we've watched posing with only mop strings in one of the MTV they made. Cris on the other hand is naturally sexy.

If you got photos of these girls, please send it to us and we'll post it with your website or blog.

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Angel Locsin on FHM Philippines October 2005

These are Angel Locsin Photos way back October 2005 when she posed for the cover of FHM Philippines. Although the pictures didn't appear as revealing as we are expecting, still, they are good enough to stimulate our imaginations.

Try to compare these photos to Angel Locsin's Maxim Philippines and surely you'll notice a "BIG" change in her.

More Angel Locsin Photos after the JUMP>>

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Assunta De Rossi Sexy Photos Part 2

The old glory of Assunta De Rossi. Since the rumored that she was indeed marrying Jules Ledesma, Assunta began to lose fans especially on the male population. Check out why a lot of men are dying just to get a glimpse of her.

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Filipina Model Chery Kubota

Get captivated with Chery Kubota's eyes. Get captivated with her alluring body. That's Chery Kubota for you. The morena Filipina Model.

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Bea Alonzo on Kashieca

Betty La Fea lead star Bea Alonzo on Kashieca.

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Assunta De Rossi Classic Calendar Photos

If you're a fan of Assunta De Rossi, then you probably have this calendar photos from FHM Philippines. I must say that these were probably some of the most daring photos she ever had. The videos sure are different story.

Our apologies that we had to cover her mammary glands for the sake of censorship. You may download her uncensored high resolution photos inside.

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