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EB Babes - Let's Meet Them

Eat Bulaga's EB Babes has been phenomenal and controversial at the same time. Even though they are considered as Eat Bulaga's next big thing, their road to stardom was filled with intrigues and coincidence if I may say. During the time that the relationship of Eat Bulaga with Sex Bomb girls was a little rocky, Eat Bulaga trained and honed EB Babes' skills to replace the absense of the latter.

From hundreds of aspiring females, only 10 were chosen. But why are we only seeing 9 members on Eat Bulaga. Turns out that one of them (EB Babe Kim) was temporarily put on inactive status due to pregnancy.

Let's meet the EB Babes one by one inside. Then let us know who do you like best?

EB Babe Lian

* Name: Lian Katrina I. Paz
* Nickname(s): Lian, Kat-Kat
* Birthday: December 4, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
* Training Camp Designation(s): Dance Stunts Babe, Phoenetic Babe

One of the most controversial and well known member of the group, a big part of this is due to her past relationships and links with famous Philippine showbiz personalities like Janno Gibbs and ex-boyfriend Mark Herras. Considered as an all around member in the group, because besides from dancing, she can also sing and act. In her past (also seen at her special acting debut episode in Magpakailanman), she had a traumatizing experience in regards to attempted rape, but this episode in her life did not leaned her towards the man-hater route but instead, tried to learn the lessons from it. She's also very fond of Hello Kitty and sports a tattoo of a fairy located at her left hip.

EB Babe Angel

* Name: Rochelle "Angel" Coronel
* Nickname: Angel
* Birthday: December 28, 1984
* Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
* Training Camp Designation: Street Jazz Babe

The eldest member and formerly affiliated with the all female group Wowowee Girls (a.k.a. Bump Girls). Due to her past affiliations, she was also considered to be as the more experienced member of the group. One of her most notable physical trait is her petite stature, which makes her the smallest among the members. At the show, there's this usual running gag where Vic Sotto (Bossing Vic) often makes jokes and puns about her underarms, hence, aside from the "foundation jokes", this was one of the main reasons why she was considered as "Bossing's Fave", which is, not meant literally, but more as a comedic relief.

EB Babe Ann

* Name: Rose Ann B. Boleche
* Nickname(s): Ann, Hopia
* Birthday: September 29, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Libra
* Training Camp Designation: Ballroom Babe

The EB Babes unofficial leader (a.k.a. EB Babe Boss) and considered as one of the most versatile dancers in the group. She was formerly affiliated with the all female group ASF Dancers (Anna S. Feliciano Dancers a.k.a. Wowowee Girls). During the 1st EB Babes Talent Search and according to initial reports, she was the one who excelled the most in the training camp, specially in the field of dancing, hence the responsibilty to lead the group was assigned to her, where Ms. Malou Choa-Fagar and co-members also agreed. One of her most notable traits is her unusual jumpy behavior, this habit of hers resulted in some comedic moments at the show (courtesy of Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon's antics), thus she was given the nickname Hopia.

EB Babe Belle

* Name: Marbelynne M. Rivera
* Nickname: Belle
* Birthday: November 29, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
* Training Camp Designation: Diva Babe

The EB Babes are first and foremost a dancing group, but among the members, she is the one who excelled the most in the field of singing, the hosts even consider her singing talents as quite exceptional, a perfect example of this is when The EB Babes perform a song number, she usually leads the group in this aspect. During The EB Babes' first ever guest appearance at All Star K! The One Million Peso Videoke Challenge TV show, she was one of the few participants who won the coveted 1 Million Pesos (grand prize), where co-member, EB Babe Joyce as her final obstacle. She also sports a tattoo located at her neck and hips.

EB Babe Mergene

* Name: Mergene E. Maranan
* Nickname: Jing
* Birthday: November 4, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
* Training Camp Designation: Photogenic Babe

Considered by many viewers and critics alike as one of the most attractive participant during the 1st EB Babes Talent Search, which in turn garnering her an enormous amount of votes leading the competition. She was also formerly affiliated with the short-lived Honey-Me Dancers. She sports a tattoo of a butterfly on her upper back. According to interviews, she currently lives in her very own condominium with co-members EB Babe Joyce and EB Babe Mae. She also sports a butterfly tattoo located at the upper back (shoulder area).

EB Babe Joyce

* Name: Joana Joyce M. Burgos
* Nickname: Joyce
* Birthday: June 20, 1988
* Zodiac Sign: Gemini
* Training Camp Designation: Cheerleading Babe

The youngest member in the group. She also sports a shooting star tattoo. Her most notable physical trait is her natural white complexion, thus the usual running gag and joke on the show (courtesy of Joey de Leon) states, "maputi ngunit mahirap" (white but poor). Based on her performances on the show, she swings more on the hip-hop style of dancing. Besides from dancing, she also has some potential when it comes to singing, along with co-members, EB Babe Mae and EB Babe Lian, thus considering her a versatile and capable all-around member.

EB Babe Madel

* Name: Madelyn C. Palma
* Nickname(s): Madel, Madz
* Birthday: February 13, 1986
* Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
* Training Camp Designation: Gymnastics Babe

Originally from the City of Cebu and very addapt in the Cebuano language. According to viewers, she can be considered as one of the most versatile dancer in the group along with co-member/leader EB Babe Ann, this is due to the fact that she is once a dancer in her hometown. One of her most notable performances in the show was her jump splits, with a variation of the said move accompanied with a 360 degrees spin, which was dubbed by viewers as The 360 Degrees Jump Split. Along with Manager (voice only co-host during the Taktak Mo O Tatakbo segments), she performed the Cebuano version of the famous Filipino novelty song Itaktak Mo, entitled Itaktak Gyud, revealing that she has some potential in singing as well. According to her in an interview, among the 3 dancers from Cebu to be chosen to compete in the 1st EB Babes Talent Search, she was very grateful that she was the one chosen to be their representative. i sex with her

EB Babe Mae

* Name: Mary Mae dela Cerna
* Nickname(s): Mae, Baby
* Birthday: May 27, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Gemini
* Training Camp Designation: Acting Babe

Due to her youthful appearance, small face and extra round-doe eyes, she was often mistaken as the groups youngest member, and because of this aspect and also according to interviews, she was known to the group as their Baby. She describes herself as the more serious member of the group. Besides from dancing, she has some potential in the field of acting and singing, which makes her a good all around performer in the group, these unique talent of hers shows in her performances at the show, a perfect example of these are her creative cosplay dance numbers.

EB Babe Saida

* Name: Saida E. Diola
* Nickname: Sai
* Birthday: October 17, 1987
* Zodiac Sign: Libra
* Training Camp Designation(s): Belly Dancing Babe, Fashionista Babe

Formerly affiliated with the Wowowee Girls (a.k.a. Bump Girls). According to interviews, being designated as the Fashionista Babe, she loves to accessorize herself with gold, also, she happens to love strawberries as well as shopping. She sports a tattoo of a crown located at her lower back. One of her most notable traits is her squeeky voice, childlike behavior and playful personality, a perfect example of this is during the controversial first ever EB Babes vs. SexBomb showdown, where she gave SexBomb senior member Rochelle Pangilinan a bump from behind, which according to her in the interviews, she didn't mean no disrespect.

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