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Bench Underwear Show - Black Denim and Underwear

Last night, July 25, 2008 was Bench Night as they held the Bench Blackout : Denim and Underwear Show.

Check more photos inside. We hope to get more photos of Bench Blackout so that we can share it here.

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Ruffa Gutierez & Anabel Rama Scandal

A couple of years ago, we were shocked by different scandals that Ruffa Gutierez was part of. One of those is the topless photo of Ruffa that proliferate the net. We're not even sure if the body was really hers, but according to the story, it was taken during one of the girls' party / shower party where Ruffa was too drunk to many.

Then, a few years back, it was her mother Anabel Rama who was in the frontier of controversies. Why? It just happen that her vintage topless photos was brought up and again, was in every email. If you can't relate to what we're saying, read the whole story and check out a photo comparison of Ruffa's and Anabel's mammary glands.

Latest photos of Ruffa Gutierez

Side by side comparison of Ruffa Gutierez and Anabel Rama. Who do you think has the best assets?

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KoolChx In Action

Did you know that the girl group KoolChx is led by Cassandra Ponti of Pinoy Big Brother? Lucky for you if you do, coz we don't know that. We just got to know the group when we got these KoolChx Girls in Action, Up Close and Dancing.

Wanna check more about the girls? More more photos after the JUMP>>

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Nancy Castiliogne - Jane on Maxim Philippines Jan 2008 Cover

These are scanned photos of Nancy Castiliogne - Jane in Maxim Philippines 2008. You must be wondering, what's the word "Jane" doing after Castiliogne. It's actually her new screen name, from Nancy Castiliogne to Nancy Jane. Strange move or a wise move?

More Scanned photos after the JUMP

Let's dissect the probable cause that gave her the urge to change name.

  1. Probably because her boyfriend is having a hard time memorizing the spelling of her surname.
  2. Maybe because net surfers couldn't check her online, mostly misspelled surname - that's why she's not appearing in search engines.
  3. Probably she consulted a feng shui expert and advised her that Jane is luckier than Castiliogne.
  4. Or simply because she had a dream that she'll change her surname the next day, which she actually did.

Whatever her reasons are, only she knows what. Or if anyone actually read or heard something about this, please enlighten us by commenting on this post.


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Pinoy Dream Academy Website - Hacked?

Are our eyes failing us? Or is it telling the truth. In connection with Cris Pastor Scandal of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2, we quickly checked like we used to do in checking the latest happening in this reality singing fest, we were surprised to see that the interface had changed, and it changed a lot.

When we checked the address, it was redirected to a different address. Uhmm, what's the real score.

More details after the JUMP>>

And then we searched some more, just to see that Pinoy Dream Academy is now residing in a different domain name,

Is this a case of forgotten expiration date or are we simply making a big fuss out of this. Enlighten us if you got some answers. Below are the screenshots of and

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Cristine Reyes Seductive Dancing

If this is the way Cristine Reyes would dance in her latest teleserye "Eva Fonda", we'll definitely not let a single episode pass by without getting a glimpse of her.

More Cristine Reyes Dirty Dancing after the JUMP>>

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Cris Pastor Scandal of Pinoy Dream Academy 2 (PDA 2)

Cris Pastor of Pinoy Dream Academy 2 Scandal? How true? Yes you read it right. We just got this news from, saying that Cris Pastor, before her stint in Pinoy Dream Academy is offering web cam shows for a fee, either by globeload or western union.

Below are the alleged scandal photos and profile of Cris Pastor, also known as Shycamgirl. Compare it with her current photos in Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Website.

More Cris Pastor Scandal Photos and her profile after the JUMP>>

Babe ID: shycamgirl
Name: shycamgirl
Age: 25
Vital Statistics: 35b-23-36
Height: 5′7
Location: Philippines

Interested in Meeting People for: sorry but i don’t eb, i don’t make friends and i don’t add up on yahoo or msn messenger. if you mail me to make friends or meet or something you will not receiv any message from me. contact me through my boss, 09063051924. sometimes the phone is with me so just text or call.

Occupation: camgirl
Interests: i love doing camshows.
About Me: i am a camgirl who do camshows for pay. message me if you want to schedule your show. i only accept globeload or western union online for foreigners. ask me for further details. and by the way NO PAY NO VIEW!
Who I Want to Meet: all elegant customers out there and who trust me as me.

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