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Survivor Philippines Palau Wallpaper Downloads c/o PCO

PCO team has created some Survivor Philippines Palau Wallpaper for personal consumption and we thought, why not share to PCOnliners as well as Survivor Philippines Palau fans. Just forgive us for putting in the PCO watermark. It's a little credit for our humble website.

The Survivor Philippines Wallpaper comes in 3 designs with 2 sizes each. For 1024 x 768 dimensions and 1280 x 800 screen resolutions. Just comment if you request for other sizes.

  1. Group picture of all the Castaways.
  2. Airai Tribe members.
  3. Koror Tribe members.
Survivor Philippines Wallpaper
Survivor Philippines Group Picture Wallpaper
Download 1024 x 768
Download 1280 x 800

Survivor Philippines Airai Wallpaper
Survivor Philippines Airai TWallpaper
Download 1024 x 768
Download 1280 x 800

Survivor Philippines Koror Wallpaper
Survivor Philippines Koror Tribe Wallpaper
Download 1024 x 768
Download 1280 x 800

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Episode 5 The Revelation on Justine - Survivor Philippines Palau

Kakaiba ang episode 5 ng Survivor Philippines na kakatapos lang ngayong gabi. Isa sa pinakamalaking rebelasyon ang ating natuklasan - si Justine Ferrer ay isang 'transgender' o isang di tunay na babae.

Bago ito, naging usap-usapan na ang bagay na ito sa mga forums at maging sa facebook profile ng Survivor. Maging dito sa PCO, nakapag sulat na din kami ng mga sapantaha na ang sinasabing 'biggest revelation' ay may kinalaman kay Justine. Sino nga naman ang mag aakala na itong si Justine pala ay hindi tunay na babae. Maging kami ay hindi makapaniwala. Simula't sapol ng sya ay aming makita, kami ay nabighani ng kanyang ganda. Magandang hubog ng katawan, balingkinitan at seksing manamit. Subalit kami ay napeke. Mahirap na talagang magtiwala sa hitsura ngayon. Ang aming buong akala ay mga lalaki lamang ang madalas makapeke (malalaki ang katawan subalit bading naman pala).

Justine Ferrer - Transvestite

Sa kauna unahang ginanap na tribal council, si Justine din ang kauna unahang napatalsik sa Survivor Philippines Palau. May kinalaman kaya dito ang pagkabigla ng kanyang mga katribo sa kanyang tunay na pagkatao?

Habang nanunuod, aming hinihintay kung ano ang sinasabing twist. Akala namin ay wala na, subalit nung malapit ng matapos, may voice over na animoy nag uusap si Paolo at Justine na waring sinasabi na maaaring pang makabalik sa laban itong si Justine. Bukod dito, may ipinakita ring flag na kakaiba. Unang inisip tuloy namin na maaaring may isa pang tribo bukod sa Airai at Koror. O baka naman ito ang magiging pansamantalang tribo ng natanggal na si Justine.

Habang aming sinusulat ang artikulo na ito, naisipan naming itsek ang website ng Survivor Philippines Palau. Mukha yatang sa dami ng bumibisita ay bigla na lang nag error ang nasabing website. Sayang, inannouce pa naman nila na pwedeng mag comment ang kahit sino man simula alas 9 hanggang alas 12mn ng walang mag momoderate. Ibig sabihin, kahit pangit ang komento mo ay walang magbubura.

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Jef Gaitan Bikini Photos - Survivor Philippines Palau

Jef Gaitan in Bikini photos before her stint in SP2. She's a celebrity after all even before joining Survivor Philippines Palau. She's one of our favorites in the 2nd installment of Survivor Philippines.

Here's some of her photos we've collected where Jef Gaitan wears nothing but a 2 pc bikini.

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Justine Ferrer of Survivor Philippines Palau, A Transvestite

It's confirmed How true are the rumors that Justine Ferrer, one of the castaways in Survivor Philippines Palau is a transvestite. Whoa! Upon hearing the rumor, we were throttled. Wahhh. What we did was we quickly checked her photos and from the looks of it, does she have a resemblance of a man's face?

By the way, 'transvestite' means a person who has undergone s-e-x change. In the case of Justine (assuming that it's true), he's a man who decided to be a complete woman.

According to the facebook profile of Survivor Philippines Palau, we shouldn't miss tonight's episode coz the biggest revelation and the biggest twist will be revealed. Many were already speculating that the 'secret' of Justine will be the biggest revelation while the biggest twist will be that of Teacher Carol. Tonight's episode will be a 1 hour special so we better stick to our television for that purpose.

Looking at Justine's profile, looks like there was really a hint of her "uniqueness".

Justine Ferrer worked in Japan as a singer at the age of 19 and since then has become a breadwinner of the family.

As a businesswoman, Justine helped her father in a buy-and-sell business and managed a baby ultrasound company.

To physically prepare for Survivor Philippines Palau, Justine enhanced her skills by enrolling in a swim school, but most of all she invested on a lot of rest and vitamins.

She has also prepared emotionally for the experiences ahead of her on the island.

“Alam ko na ang buhay sa isla ay unusual, puwede kang masaktan, masugatan at magutom kaya inihanda ko na ang sarili ko,”Justine said.

Justine believes that her “uniqueness” is the key for her to become a Castaway.

“I think I was chosen because they are curious about what’s really inside of me and my behavior,” Justine said.

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Katrina Halili on the Cover of Mega Magazine August 2009

Katrina Halili is on the cover of Mega Magazine August 2009 issue. The article entitled 'Standing Tall' discusses how Katrina Halili was able to move on with her life.

2 more photos of Katrina Halili from Mega Magazine August 2009 inside ->

Katrina Halili Mega August 2009

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Pinay Celebrity Easily Bought Home in UK

We have a Pinay Celebrity friend (which we’ll not mention her real name) living in UK and she happened to have bought her home there. Without much info or background of the country, they had difficulty in acquiring one so what they did was something expected in our generation – search the web. And whoala, they found all the info that they were looking for. It’s in

So what’s and how did it help my friend in moving to a new home? makes moving easier by giving you the right and precise information on which to move to your newly acquired home. You can easily plan and organize your move, get quotes for removals, solicitors, locksmiths etc., transfer utilities and compare prices for home services. Likewise, they offer FREE moving help and advice from real moving experts.

Do they handle the actual handwork? The answer is no, they’re independent but well connected. They work with the leading household companies in the UK including Royal Mail, BT, Virgin, British Gas, EDF energy, Pickfords and many more.

Their website is easy to navigate. The navigation was designed in such a way that it is presented based on each needs. Whether it’s removals, utilities, home services, insurance, finance, legals, moving tools or just a simple help where you can quickly get answers from their frequently asked questions.

Back to our Pinay Celebrity friend. As she shared her story with us, one of her encountered difficulties in buying a new home is the actual transfer of title of property from the owner or what is called conveyancing. When I first heard conveyancing, I didn’t know what it means until she explained it to me. As she narrated, conveyancing occurs in three stages: before contract, before completion and after completion. Good thing that she got free online conveyancing quotes from In the end of our conversation, she advised that if we ever want to buy or even rent in UK or in any parts of Europe, she suggested that we look for a reliable conveyancing solicitor since they will be the one who will email or fax documents over to you to speed up the process. These are the usual delays one will normally encounter, if you don’t, she added.

She’s now settled and happy with their newly found home in UK. Too bad we can’t post her sexy photos she showed us in her room, wink wink. :D

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Anne Curtis is Sexy in Black at the Us Girls Glam Awards

Here's Anne Curtis at the Us Girls Glam Awards at the Eastwood City Mall Open Parking Area in Libis, Quezon City, last August 20. She was named Fashionista of the Year.

Look how sexy she is in black! 3 more sexy Anne Curtis at the Us Girls Glam Awards inside ->


Anne Curtis - US Girls

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Abbey Cruz No Longer 'On' with Paolo Bediones

This is somewhat late, we know that. Abbey Cruz and Paolo Bediones are no longer a couple as reported last week during the interview of Showbiz Central to Paolo Bediones who coincidentally is promoting Survivor Philippines Palau. I feel sorry for them, Abbey Cruz is quite a catch. Same goes with Paolo Bediones.

4 more photos of Abbey Cruz inside ->

Abbey Cruz

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Saicy Aguila While Watching PBA

Wowowee co-host Saicy Aguila shows her curvaceous body and hot legs while watching a PBA game at the Araneta Coliseum. Surely, some players just feel distracted seeing her on the bench.


2 more photos of Saicy Aguila inside - >

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Paw Diaz Autograph Signing Photos

Paw Diaz autograph signing photos early this month of August.

Check more photos of Paw Diaz signing and posing inside ->

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