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Sam Pinto - Latest Evictee from PBB House (and we hate it)

Sam Pinto - latest evictee of PBB Double Up edition. Oh no, this can't be happening. Sam Pinto getting evicted from PBB. Why not Johan instead? Oh my. She's the only girl worth watching in PBB, next to Princess Manozon. We mourned when Princess got evicted, we'll mourn again this time that Sam Pinto is no longer inside the house. We're sorry for Sam and the rest of PCOnliners who watch PBB because of her.

4 more sexy photos of Sam Pinto inside ->

Sam Pinto - Latest Evictee, sexy photos of Sam Pinto

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The Miriam Quiambao Sexy Photos

Sexy photos of Miriam Quiambao - nothing more.

3 more sexy photos of Miriam Quiambao inside->

Sexy Miriam Quiambao, pinay celebrity

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Ynez Veneracion - Where Is She Now?

I wonder where Ynez Veneracion is nowadays? The last thing we heard from her was when she broke up with Nino Mulach.

Anyway, here's Ynez Veneracion bikini photos from before. 2 more sexy photos of Ynez Veneracion inside-> I'm sure you'd wish you're the one in the last photo with her or at least one of the hands in there, hehe.

Ynez Veneracion

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Princess Manozon Bikini Photos

I'm not very sure if I already posted these photos of Princess Lieza Manozon but what the heck. I loved the girl. Too bad she's not very visible nowadays.

4 more Princess Manozon bikini photos inside ->

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Jackie Rice on FHM Cover - Ohh la la

Just when we thought we won't be seeing Jackie Rice any more, she then gave us a mind blowing comeback. Jackie Rice on FHM January 2010. What Maxim failed to show us from Jackie is the promise that FHM is trying to give us. Hail FHM, hehe. Can't wait for the autograph signing happening on the 15th of this month.

Jackie Rice scanned photos brought to us by All Pinoy Stuff inside -> Click to enlarge on the photos of course.

Jackie Rice FHM Photos

Jackie Rice FHM January 2010, Sexy photo of Jackie Rice

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Kat Alano Bikini Photos

Fit and Fab host Kat Alano. Seen Kat Alano in person once and I must say that she looks 'mataray' - snob. But when you get to talk to her, she's approachable. Coz when I asked her to pose for some photos, she gladly gave me a sexy post.

4 more Kat Alano bikini pics inside ->

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Jaboom Twins with their BFs

I saw this photos of Jaboom Twins from way back with some funny captions with it. I forgot the exact word but it sounds like beauty and the beast or some sort. I don't actually agree with it. But, maybe at some point, what they're trying to say is, Jaboom Twins deserve better. Agree?

3 more photos of Jaboom Twins inside ->

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Iwa Moto Cute Pics

Cute photos of my crush, Iwa Moto. There's something about Iwa that I can't get over with. What's even worse is I don't even know what it is.

Let me just share some cute photos of Iwa Moto we found somewhere.

4 more cute Iwa Moto photos inside ->

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Cristine Reyes Sexiest Pinay Celebrity of 2009

Cristine Reyes is indeed the sexiest Pinay Celebrity of 2009 as confirmed by PCOnliners in the survey we've done last month. In the poll at the right side of PCO, out of 1490 respondents, Cristine Reyes got a total of 37%, followed by Angel Locsin at 26% and Anne Curtis / Marian Rivera on the 3rd spot with 23% each.

We've seen Cristine Reyes in the flesh and no doubt that she's the sexiest Pinay Celebrity of 2009. Very pretty and flawless indeed. And with that, here's Cristine Reyes' photos when she was declared as the sexiest women of 2009 by FHM Philippines.

5 more sexy Cristine Reyes photos inside ->

Sexy Cristine Reyes, pinay celebrity

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