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Valerie Concepcion Sexy Slenda Endorser

It's just lately that we've paid attention to Slenda advertisement. Or should we say that we're more caught by the endorser herself Valerie Concepcion.

We've always thought that her career was lost when she got pregnant and finally delivered her lovechild with an unknown non-showbiz boyfriend. But man, it only made her hotter than ever.

These Valerie Concepcion Slenda photos speaks on her behalf that she's worthy of our post more than ever. 3 more photos inside.

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Some Announcements

Our survey To Add or Not to Add had ended yesterday and here are the results.

59% - Those who would like to see more celebrities (hollywood & asian)
36% - Thinks its not a good idea.
3% - Says they don't care either its pinay or hollywood

So in the succeeding posts starting today, you will encounter other Celebrities aside from our usual Filipina Celebrities. But don't worry, most of the posts will still cover Pinays.

So just sit back and relax. Enjoy

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Jamilla Obispo before Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition

Did you know that Jamilla Obispo actually posed Topless on the covers of FHM Philippines dated back December 2005 with Katrina Halili on the cover. She used the name Natalie / Nathalia, her second name instead of Jamilla Obispo.

This was actually a lot daring on her FHM Cover Shoot for May 2007.

Here's an excerpt from her profile.

When she got pregnant by her boyfriend though she was very grateful for her mom’s intervention. “Pinaghiwalay niya kami. Nakita niya na tamad at iresponsable yung boyfriend ko. Hindi na nagpakita ulit after kong manganak, ni singkong duling wala siyang itinulong. I realized in the end na tama pala ang mama ko.” Jamilla considers her baby a blessing even though the child had a cleft palate and lip when he was born. Her baby needs 5 operations so she accepted a job as a GRO in a girly bar.

More Jamilla Obispo Dec 2005 Photos inside

“Nagmomodel ako or tine-table. Bawal ka naman lumabas and choice mo din kung sasama ka sa customer.” Tips average from zero to P30,000 a night but the biggest amount she was offered was P100,000. And she accepted this amount once for her child’s first operation. “Isang beses ko tinangap para sa baby ko. Kilala ko na rin kasi yung taong nag-offer nun. Alam kong hindi siya hihingi ng kapalit. Sobrang bait siya. Kaso ayoko ko muna kasi mainvolve sa kahit kanino dahil ang priority ko ay ang anak ko.”

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Kristine Hermosa UNO Magazine Aug 2008 Cover Girl

As the saying goes 'Ask and You shall receive'. This is exactly what happened in our post today. If you will remember, just the other day, we were asking "Kristine Hermosa, where is she now?"
Look what we have now. It's Kristine Hermosa on UNO Magazine August 2008 issue - UNO's 50th Issue.

Looking at the cover, I just can't help but wonder why did they overdo the editing on Kristine's face. I'm not sure but looks like something's not right. Maybe it's just me. Or maybe it's photoshop gone wrong. What do you think?

One more Kristine Hermosa UNO Magazine Aug 2008 Photo inside.

Special thanks to our dear friend from UNO Magazine for sending these photos.

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Dita Von Teese on Vicky Belo Ball - Photos with Youtube video

Talk of the town is the leaked photos and videos of Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese in the Venetian Ball Party of Dr. Vicky Belo. Some days ago, we've actually wrote about this "Venetian Ball - Vicky Belo's Anniversary Party" saying that Belo paid a 7 figure talent fee for Dita Von Teese.

Then yesterday, TV Patrol reported of the leaked photos of the Strip show of Dita Von Teese. And that's exactly what you'll see inside.

Dita Von Teese Photos in Vicky Belo Party + a Strip Video we found on Youtube.


Video and other revealing photos were deleted because of censorship.

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Cristine Reyes Starstruck Days

Whenever we see Cristine Reyes photos like these, we can't help but 'drool'. Yes, drool. Especially when she's wearing a spaghetti strap like this. We've always liked spaghetti strap girls. And when you put it on Cristine Reyes, whew, one can only guess.

We wonder when are they going to start Eva Fonda.

3 more Cristine Reyes Juicylicious photos, 2 photos including the 'not' so hot Nadine Samonte.

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Jamilla Obispo Screen Captures on K!

Lately, we've made a post about Jamilla Obispo appearing on FHM May 2007 after getting outside Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. And then suddenly, here she comes. Singing her hearts out in K! The 1 Million Videoke Challenge.

You're probably asking, what's so interesting about Jamilla Obispo singing in a game show that got our interests. Look below and we need not say more.

What more if you can see what's in store inside for you. More Jamilla Screenshot Photos inside=>

Some revealing photos were deleted because of censorship.

More Photos of this Pinay Celebrity->>

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