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Pauleen Luna in Bikini - As Always

Pauleen Luna in Bikini.

5 more Pauleen Luna photos inside ->

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Miakka Lim on UNO Magazine

Courtside reporter Miakka Lim when she posed on UNO Magazine some months ago. She looks hot in these photos.

1 more sexy photo of Miakka Lim inside ->

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Fabian Fink Photos on Rogue Magazine

Fabian Fink photos on Rogue Magazine.

More sexy photos of Fabian Fink inside ->

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Lian Paz, 2 Months Pregnant?

Is Lian Paz really 2 months pregnant? At least that's what we read from Pinoy Parazzi. ( story here )Is this the reason why Lian is no longer dancing with the rest of EB Babes?

Looking at the latest photos of Lian Paz, she's noticeably thicker than before.

1 more photo of Lian Paz inside ->

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Billy Ann Abeleda Sexy Photos

Here's Billy Ann Abeleda, May 2008 Playmate of the month. Stands 5'4", weighs 90lbs. and with a vital statistics of 'I don't know', hehe. Sorry, we weren't able to get this one. So Billy, if you're reading this, feel free to comment.

8 more Billy Ann Abeleda's photos inside -> (taken from her FB Account)

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Behind the Scenes of Rogue August 2009 with Alexandra Rocha

Here are the behind the scenes photos of Rogue Magazine August 2009 with Alexandra Rocha.

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Rogue August 2009 Cover Girl is Alexandra Rocha

Rogue Magazine's August 2009 Cover Girl is Alexandra Rocha. This issue is dubbed as the Appetite Issue as it tackles mostly on food.

But who is Alexandra Rocha? Alexandra Rocha is a model born in Portugal and raised in Jersey. I'm not sure if any part of her is pinay, but I doubt. Her vital statistics says 33' 25' 34', sexy. She's 25 years of age.

1 more photo of Alexandra Rocha inside ->

Rogue August 2009 Alexandra Rocha

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Survivor Philippines 2 in Palau Castaways

Survivor Philippines 2 has finally come. This time it will be held in Palau. Here are the list of 16 new castaways. Some are familiar but most are not. One thing I noticed on this line-up, most were chosen based on face value.

Former PBA player, Cris Bolado
Hailing from Dagupan, Charles Fernandez
Teacher, Carol Gementiza
Lady Pilot, Maya Segovia
Magician, Troy Perez
IT professional, Louie Ang
The sister of Chev Macias, Tara Jane Macias
Japinoy Hunk, Suzuki Sadatsugu
Bicolana Call Center Agent, Echo Caceres
Beauty Queen, Justine Ferrer
Model, Marvin Kiefer
Hot dad, Shaun Rodriguez
Probinsyanang Tisay, Amanda Colley Van Cooll
Girl Next Door, Jef Gaitan
Metrosexual, Vlad Nesas
Chef, Mika Batchelor

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Marian Rivera as Darna - Promotional Photos and Video

In just a couple of days, Darna will once again fly in our television. But this time, it's Marian Rivera who will swallow the magic stone and wear the red, two piece costume of this Pinay Superhero.

Seeing the couple of trailers of this Darna version, can't help but think that the story was completely changed. Valentina is now the bestfriend of Narda. And the young Narda is an avid fan of Darna before getting her superpowers. Oh well, let's just wait as the story unfolds on Aug 10.

Here are the latest Darna promotional photos and videos. More of this inside ->

Video cared of Peparazzi.

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Princess Ryan Maxim August 2009 Cover Girl

Princess Ryan is the cover girl of Maxim August 2009 Philippines Edition. Seems like Maxim was a lil' late in releasing their issue this month.

As with Princess Ryan, she already appeared in Maxim last March 2008 with the CoolChx on the cover. Regarding the rumors that Maxim will only be until September only, I don't think so. With all the effort coming from their editor in chief Eric Ramos backed up by the Kapamilya network, Maxim will continue until they reach the #1.

But if they truly close Maxim, nothing we can do. Let's just hope that FHM and Playb0y can fill in the gap.

4 more photos of Princess Ryan inside cared of Karl Orteza inside. They're not part of the photos in the magazine.

Princess Ryan Maxim August 2009 Edition

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