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Glaiza De Castro on Mirror

Glaiza de Castro, the star of Grazilda is the new endorser of Mirror. As you can see in the photos, Glaiza de Castro is literally on the mirror, hehe.

2 more Glaiza de Castro photos on Mirror inside ->

Glaiza de Castro photos

Glaiza de Castro mirror

Glaiza de Castro pictures

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Erich Gonzales on Shout Out

Erich Gonzales on her new show - Shout Out, a new teen variety show on Kapamilya network. She will be joined with fellow Star Magic artists - Enchong Dee, Empress, Sam Concepcion, Robi Domingo, Ahron Villaflor, and Enrique Gil.

Is it me or does it really look like that something's wrong with Erich Gonzales in these photos? Uhmm, she looks like haggard! What have you been doing lately Erich huh? More Erich Gonzales and Shout Out casts inside ->

Erich Gonzales photos

Erich Gonzales
Erich Gonzales Shout Out

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The Beautiful Sam Pinto Music Video with Mark Bautista

Or should I say Mark Bautista music video with the beautiful Sam Pinto. Every time I see Sam Pinto, I can't help but think of another actress that looks exactly like her. Is it Riza Santos or Georgina Wilson? I dunno but even though she looks like the other pinay actresses around her, I'd still love staring at her angelic face.

More Sam Pinto photos with Mark Bautista inside ->

Sam Pinto photos

Sam Pinto Music Video
Sam Pinto MTV

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Noelle Cassandra - My New Favorite Harpist / Singer

I was listening to Mo, Mojo, Grace Lee and Angelicopter in Magic 89.9 and they have this guest singer - Noelle Cassandra is her name. She was singing 'Gloria in Exelsis Deo' when I tuned in. I thought they were just playing a recorded song. But it turned out that she's singing live and on top of that, with a harp. She was really really good. Very angelic voice.

So I did the most obvious thing to do, surf the web and search for Noelle Cassandra photos. And she looks good ha. And not only photos I found, but also her profile. In her facebook profile, here's what it says on Noelle Cassandra.

Noelle Cassandra
Harp Artist
Manila, Philippines

As a harpist, she has been in demand and has played with some of the Philippines’ top singers including Kuh Ledesma, Sharon Cuneta, Martin Nievera and has also worked with top musicians Louie Ocampo, Mel Villena. One of the highlights of her young career was playing at Josh Groban’s concerts when he performed live in Manila.

Noelle Cassandra Photos
Noelle Cassandra Harpist

Noelle Cassandra Singer

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Another Iya Villania Photo Set - Hosting Stint

Just another Iya Villania photo set - this time in one of her hosting stint. These Iya Villania photos were taken prior with her Tanduay 2011 calendar photos.

More Iya Villania photos inside ->

Iya Villania photos

Iya Villania

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Jessie Mendiola Stars in 'Sabel'

I once saw the trailer of this upcoming teleserye 'Sabel' and I was like, who's that girl. She looks promising. Until I found out that her name is Jessie Mendiola. Just by looking at the trailer and the main character, I could say this is a show to watch for.

Big break for Jessie 'Sabel' Mendiola. More exciting Jessie Mediola photos as Sabel inside ->

Jessie Mendiola as Sabel
Jessie Mendiola Photos

Sabel is Jessie Mendiola

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Angel Locsin for Folded and Hung

Angel Locsin during the Folded and Hung fashion show. She looks kinda fat on these photos. Time to work out Angel.

More Angel Locsin on Folded and Hung fashion show photos inside ->

Angel Locsin on Folded and Hung fashion show

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