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Nancy Castiglione - UNO Magazine May 2007 Cover

For all we know, this is the 2nd time of Nancy Castiliogne to pose on UNO Magazine. This is the May 2007 issue, and the other one was on UNO Magazine July 2005.

If you will compare the 2 magazine cover scans of UNO, you will see the big difference in Nancy's face before and after. Is this the work of digital enhancements or the work of Calayan and Belo?

We wonder what Nancy Castiliogne is doing now? More photos inside.

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Valerie Concepcion on Maxim February 2007

Here's Valerie Concepcion when she posed for Maxim Philippines on February 2007. Valerie is a main stay of the noon time show Wowowee.

More Valerie Concepcion Photos inside

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UNO Magazine May 2008 - Milena Krahulcova

Do we really have a scarcity of magazine cover worth, sexy yet reserved, innocently-looking and fresh Filipina to fill-in our local men oriented magazines?

Like this one, it is the May 2008 Issue of UNO Magazine with Milena Krahulcova which we doesn't have the tiniest idea who she was. Altho according to the write ups, she came from the Czech republic.

Proabably, we could have appreciated this magazine more if their cover girl was Daiana or Arriani of Eat Bulaga. Paging Mr. Editor...

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"Photoshoot" Movie

An Eric Ramos Movie Presentation

Download now - File size 500+ mb
Use HJSPLIT to join after downloading all parts


Part1 Part2 Part3
Part4 Part5 Part6
Part7 Part8 Part9
Part10 Part11

Part1 Part2 Part3
Part4 Part5 Part6
Part7 Part8 Part9
Part10 Part11

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Kristine Hermosa in Bikini Photos

Kristine Hermosa used to be one of our favorite female actresses until she made some drastic move with her life. From then on, everything changed tremendously affecting her showbiz career.

But one thing remains the same with Kristine Hermosa, she's still super sexy especially in the two piece bikini photos below

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Raine Larrazabal - the equally hot sister of Maureen Larazabal

Probably you're wondering, who is she? She's the sister of Maureen Larrazabal, the comediene sexy star that we regularly see in BubbleGang. We've first seen her in Maxim when she, Raine and her sister Maureen posed for its cover a few months ago, we just forgot the exact date.

We'll research on that and at the same time, post their scanned Maxim Philippines Photos here in Pinay Celebrity Photos and Videos soon.

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Complete List of FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World

Here's the Complete list of FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women in the World having Marian Rivera on the top.

Probably you've been wondering how the other girls fair in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women. Fret no more, below is the complete listing. We've also include the Top 5 Sexiest Women Photos.

We're a little bit disappointed with the result, having Angel Locsin at No. 4. We've also noticed that Sex Bomb Girls weren't inluded. EB Babes were taken as a whole instead of individual entities. Probably because they had to include Global Winner like Megan Fox whom we are sure, wouldn't make it in the list if its based solely on Philippine votes.

  1. Marian Rivera
  2. Megan Fox
  3. Katrina Halili
  4. Angel Locsin
  5. Diana Zubiri
  6. Ehra Madrigal
  7. Iwa Moto
  8. Cristine Reyes
  9. Anne Curtis
  10. Angelica Panganiban
  11. KC Concepcion
  12. Alessandra De Rossi
  13. Bianca King
  14. Jennylyn Mercado
  15. EB Babes
  16. Bea Alonzo
  17. Francine Prieto
  18. Iya Villania
  19. Riza Santos
  20. Michelle Madrigal
  21. Maja Salvador
  22. Precious Adona
  23. Nancy Castiglione
  24. Rhian Ramos
  25. Asia Agcaoili
  26. Pauleen Luna
  27. Heart Evangelista
  28. Shaina Magdayao
  29. Valerie Concepcion
  30. NiƱa Jose
  31. Hazel Ann Mendoza
  32. Kitty Girls
  33. Yasmien Kurdi

  1. Mariel Rodriguez
  2. Toni Gonzaga
  3. Gwen Garci
  4. Bianca Gonzalez
  5. Roxanne Guinoo
  6. Joyce Jimenez
  7. Iza Calzado
  8. Jennifer Lee
  9. Beyonce Knowles
  10. Kim Chiu
  11. Jacq Yu
  12. Sarah Geronimo
  13. Gaby dela Merced
  14. Maureen Larrazabal
  15. Maxene Magalona
  16. Keeley Hazell
  17. Joyce So
  18. Ariani Nogueira
  19. Wendy Valdez
  20. Bubbles Paraiso
  21. Cherry Ann Kubota
  22. Valerie Garcia
  23. Jaymee Joaquin
  24. Raine Larrazabal
  25. Ryza Cenon
  26. Luningning
  27. Sheena Halili
  28. Angelina Jolie
  29. Ornusa Cadness
  30. Gail Nicolas
  31. Rufa Mae Quinto
  32. Scarlett Johansson
  33. Jackie Rice

  1. Nikki Gil
  2. Pops Fernandez
  3. Krista Ranillo
  4. Cristina Garcia
  5. Kat Alano
  6. Jenny Miller
  7. Jewel Mische
  8. Michaela Espinosa
  9. Arra Castro
  10. Kris Bernal
  11. Renee Summer
  12. Paloma
  13. Jeri Lee
  14. Amanda Griffin
  15. Kristine Jaca
  16. Precious Lara
  17. Myles Hernandez
  18. Jamilla Obispo
  19. Ella V
  20. Anna Leah Javier
  21. Anna Scott
  22. Alyssa Alano
  23. LJ Reyes
  24. Aliya Parcs
  25. Lindsay Lohan
  26. Sofie
  27. Belinda Bright
  28. Rich Asuncion
  29. Sachie Sanders
  30. Nicole Hernandez
  31. Bianca Valerio
  32. Kristine Hermosa
  33. Aina Gonzales
  34. Victoria London

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Out of this World Angel Locsin Photo

Just for Laughs, we'd like to present you, ABS CBN 'Lobo' starrer Angel Locsin in this out of this world photo.

We wonder how many times a day does she do this, hehe.

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Claudine Barreto in Iisa Pa Lamang

Another teleserye to watch out for is ABS CBN's 'Iisa Pa Lamang' starring Claudine Barreto, Gabby Concepcion, Deither Ocampo and Angelica Panganiban.

We've seen the trailer and looks like if we were Raymart Santiago, we would have enough reason to get jealous of the kissing scenes and bed scenes between Claudine Barreto, Gabby Concepcion and Deither Ocampo.

Another character to watch out for is Angelica Panganiban especially her revealing dresses which we will also post here in Pinay Celebrity Photos and Videos. Stay Tuned.

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Pauleen Luna - Celebrity Wallpapers

Do you like Pauleen Luna? Even though you see her regularly in Eat Bulaga, you might still want to keep Pauleen Luna in your desktops.

Download Pauleen Luna's Wallpapers.

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Angel Locsin - What's next after Lobo?

Now that ABS-CBN's Lobo is nearing its end, what's next for Angel Locsin? This might be the question of Angel Locsin's fans out there, including us.

We simply hope that it's a lot sexier than Darna, a lot daring than Ligaw na Bulaklak and a lot revealing than Dyesebel. Whew, is there really a teleserye like that, haha. If there is, no doubt that it will be a really big hit, or will be banned by the Movie and TV Regulation Board.

For the mean time, here's a photo of Angel Locsin you can't miss.

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Pia Guanio Wallpapers

Eat Bulaga and Bossing's Pia Guanio. Download Pia Guanio's celebrity wallpaper now.

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