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Super Sexy Photos of Ruffa Gutierez Rocked My World

I'm sure you'll super agree when I say that this is the sexiest Ruffa Gutierez photos that you can see on the net. Nothing can surpass these super sexy photos of Ruff Gutierez wearing a very revealing, backless, half cut pink dress. And if you add that super shiny diamond necklace, sweet smile and tantalizing eyes, I bet you'd wish to be with her (if you're a guy) or be like her (if you're a girl). Oh la la. Super sexy Ruffa Gutierez.

You think this is only one sexy Ruffa Gutierez photo? Think again, coz you'll see 5 more Ruffa Gutierez super sexy photos inside ->

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Solenn Heussaf's Greenwich Commercial

Greenwich commercial starring Solenn Heussaf, Anne Curtis and is it Misa Campo? (correct me if I'm wrong). This one is Solenn's part as Survivor girl. Wacky commercial.

Don't miss the video of Solenn Heussaf Greenwich commercial inside ->

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Sexy Pauleen Luna Does Shembot Dance

One of my best segment in Eat Bulaga is the Juan 4 All and All 4 Juan - why? Simply because that's where they make the EB Babes dance the Shembot Dance. Though I must admit that the best Shembot Dancer that I've seen so far is no other than Pauleen Luna. Intrigued? Better watch Pauleen Luna do the Shembot in video.

More Pauleen Luna dancing shembot photos and video inside ->

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Slumber Party with Anne Curtis and Friends

These Anne Curtis and friends photos was sent by an anonymous sender, probably the one with the white mask, I dunno. But hey, Anne Curtis and her friends looks so oh wacky in this photos. I just called the photos Slumber party, but I really don't know the occasional. Nevertheless, who cares. I love Anne Curtis and that's all that matters.

More Anne Curtis and friends photos inside ->

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Karylle Bench Show Photos

Karylle's sexy photos during the Bench Model Show.

More Karylle's sexy Bench photos inside ->

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Sexiest Iwa Moto Pictures Ever

I bet you'll agree that this is by far the sexiest Iwa Moto photos ever. Not just the swimwear but the attitude and the pose as well. I love that tongue. And the chinita eyes, grrrr. So sexy Iwa Moto.

More sexy Iwa Moto pictures inside ->

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