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Adsense Not Supplying Enough Ads

Last 2 days ago, we've noticed that Google Adsense is somewhat not supplying enough ads on the site. We thought this is normal and will be back after some time. Until we received an email this morning from Google Adsense Support saying that our site has pages that has Adult or Mature Content. Which is the reason that they stopped supplying ads.

In this regard, we might have to clean up some pages that has links especially the Video / Movie Downloads. We'll do that this weekend. What to do on your part? Copy all the links that you think you will need coz we'll have to bring them down. As you see, Google Adsense is one of the major source of income that keeps us motivated in updating this site. With them gone, either we find some major sponsors or we have to find other niche. Would you like that to happen? We hope not... :D

Has anyone of you experienced this? What did you do? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

We need Google Adsense Back, badly.

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