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Angelica Panganiban EDSA Billboard

Sometime last week, we got a question from a PCO fanatic asking if we ever saw the new billboard of Bench along EDSA. As we have seen Karylle's Billboard, we quickly exclaimed that it was Karylle. But he quickly disagreed. Until we saw it ourselves. And it was really not Karylle as it was Angelica Panganiban Bench Billboard on EDSA.

Whenever we see sexy billboards like these, we always have a question at the back of our head. Is this her normal body or are these the result of photoshop wonders. You be the judge.

Another sexy Angelica Panganiban EDSA Billboard inside ->

Angelica Panganiban EDSA Billboard

Angelica Panganiban EDSA Billboard 2

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Tisha Silang on the Cover of UNO Magazine April 2009

We're glad that UNO Magazine is back on track. They are now early on releasing their issues (at least not that late compared to previous issues). And guess who's on their cover this time. It's Amazing Race Asia Runner up Tisha Silang on the cover of April 2009 UNO Magazine. I wonder why it's called the Kitchen Confidential? Is she cooking while the shoot is being done? Food and Booze Issue? Our wild guess tells us that there might be a lot of recipe and concoction articles inside, hehe.

Grab a copy now and let us know if it's worth it.

Tisha Silang on UNO April 2009 Cover

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