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Apple Chiu - The Singing Bee Singer

As we were watching the last episode of The Singing Bee, there was this 'kilig' moment between Miguel of PDA 2 and Apple Chiu of Singing Bee. We then later on found out that these 2 singers were an old flame. Apple Chiu and Miguel were both finalist of the Philippine Idol in ABC 5 (now TV5).

It was only then that we became interested with this sexy Singing Bee. Apple Chiu used to be a chubby little girl, usually teased as 'baboy' by her friends and siblings. The same reason that she had this desire to be slim and sexy. And we must say that she's very successful indeed. Too bad that we won't be seeing her for some time, since The Singing Bee will be on vacation to give way to the premiere of Betty La Fea.

But let's admit. Apple Chiu is a one hot, sexy property. Check Apple Chiu's videos on Philippine Idol inside =>

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