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Sexy Iwa Moto Without the Make-up

I was watching Eat Bulaga this afternoon when I saw Iwa Moto as celebrity guest for Bababoom. She was wearing a regular shirt but with her bellybutton on the open. She's been one of my crushes even before starting in Starstruck so I thought of looking for some of her photos. Here's one photo of sexy Iwa Moto without her make-up on. Just like ordinary girls, she also has pimples, hehe.

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Sexy Girls of Starstruck V - Photos

The girls of Starstruck V namely; Nina Kodaka, Diva Montelaba, Fianca Cruz, Rox Montealegre, Princess Snell, Sarah Labahti and Zeryl Lim. Uhmm, looks like another Iwa Moto in the making, one with exotic beauty, Maricar Reyes look alike, cute face, Pinky Marquez look a like etc. They say that this batch of Starstruck has the most when it comes to looks. That's what they always say, isn't it, hehe.

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Nika Kodaka

Diva Montelaba
Fianca Cruz
Rox Montealegre
Princess Snell
Sarah Labahti
Zeryl Lim

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Heart Evangelista Back on Primetime in Full House

Heart Evangelista, one of our favorite is once again back on primetime as Jessie in Full House in Kapuso network. Heart's last prime time appearance if we're not mistaken was in his Luna Mystika which reported to have good ratings back then. I wonder how Full House is performing.

7 more photos of Heart Evangelista inside - > (not related to Full House of course)

Heart Evangelista on Full House

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I Love the Dimples of Cristine Reyes

Probably the cutest dimples on the screen today - who else, but those of 'The Dream' Cristine Reyes. And did I mention the she has the best side view ever?

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LJ Reyes Gives In to FHM Philippines December 2009

Here's an early Christmas treat for all of us. Starstruck veteran LJ Reyes on the cover of FHM December 2009. Can't wait to get hold of this one and share them to PCOnliners.

I wonder when will the LJ Reyes Autograph Signing take place. We can't let the opportunity pass without getting physically close to this sexy vixen.

LJ Reyes on FHM December 2009

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