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Roxanne Guinoo Pictorial

Someone sent this to us saying these are Roxanne Guinoo's pictorial prior to her wedding. Doesn't look like it though. I think this is just some random photo shoot she had and beautiful at that. Photographer is Bobby Delos  Santos. Nice work man.

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Jennica Garcia - Just Like Her Mother Jean Garcia

Looking at these Jennica Garcia photos, I can't help but associate that face with her mother Jean Garcia. They are so much alike. The smile, the eyes, the face, almost everything. Can't blame the similarities, she's her mother after all. I'm not sure what tv show is this from, but for sure, her character is a maid.

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More Maja Salvador in Bikini Photos - Sino Ang Impostor?

This is the sequel from our post before on Maja Salvador in 2 piece Bikini photo where a lot of people reacted that it was not Maja Salvador in the picture. After some comparison, yeah, looks like it was just an impostor. Now these Maja Salvador in bikini photos asks - Sino Ang Impostor? Obviously, not these Maja Salvador in super hot bikini huh?

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Lian Paz Picture Years Ago

Random photo for the day - Lian Paz from some ages ago. Latest on Lian Paz - she just gave birth to her 2nd baby with Paolo Contis. I wonder if she's pregnant again, hehe.

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Stewardess Saida of EB Babes - Eat Bulaga

One segment that is famous in Eat Bulaga is the 'Pinoy Henyo', a word guessing game of any kind. And Pinoy Henyo will not be complete without stewardess Saida - notable for her lines 'It's clean, I washed it' when asked if her food for the day is clean and her fancy stewardess suit. Saida Diola in real life, stewardess Saida is part of the girl group EB Babes.

Catch stewardess Saida everyday in Eat Bulaga.

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Maricar Reyes on Metro Magazine - Interview After the Scandal Issue

This is I think the first time that Maricar Reyes granted an interview after the issue or rather 'big revelation' with Hayden Kho surfaced. Whenever the issue on Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili is being talked about, you can be sure that Maricar Reyes will instantly follow. How good she is, how wild she was in that video. But one thing that we should commend about Maricar Reyes is that she just kept her mouth shut and just let the issue die in a natural death.

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Carla Abellana Backstage Photos

The beautiful Carla 'Rosalinda' Abellana. Carla was first introduced in her very own teleserye - 'Rosalinda'. At first we thought that GMA was trying to duplicate the success they did with Marian Rivera. Unfortunately, Carla Abellana wasn't as successful as Marian Rivera in their version of Marimar. Carla Abellana now stars in 'Magic Palayok' with Jeoff Eigenmann.

More Carla Abellana photos inside. This was taken at the backstage of Party Pilipinas.

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Shaina Magdayao Photoshoot

Interesting photos of Shaina Magdayao from somewhere. To tell you frankly, we don't know what product or brand Shaina is promoting here. If you got inside info, please hit the comments.

We only know one thing. Shaina Magdayao is at the prime of her hotness. Lucky John Lloyd Cruz.

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Janna Dominguez Random Photos

From her stint in Pinoy Fear Factor, Janna Dominguez has transferred from Kapamilya network to being a Kapuso Network. The last time we saw Janna Dominguez, she was part of the comedy girls in I Laugh You Sabado. I'm not sure if the show is still on the same time slot after they reformat QTV 11 to NewsTV11.

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Chariz Solomon Minus the Make Up

We've always thought that Chariz Solomon was one of the bombshell from her Starstruck batch. Slim body with a voluptuous figure, what more can you ask for. Here's Chariz Solomon without the make-up photos.

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