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KC Concepcion and Hayden Kho Video Scandal?

KC Concepcion and Hayden Kho Video Scandal? How true are the rumors that even the daughter of the mega star Sharon Cuneta also has a video scandal with Hayden Kho? Is this part of the what we don't know about KC Concepcion series? There are even rumors that at the height of the Hayden Kho Scandals, the megastar slapped Hayden and bought the video for 20M. Another version was that, it was KC Concepcion who was slapped by her mega mom when she found out about the issue.

Does KC really had a video scandal with Hayden Kho? Or was it just another urban legend trying to ride on this showbiz turned national security issue. Here's an article in PEP where Lolit Solis clarifies report that she has seen alleged video of Hayden Kho and KC Concepcion. Whatever the answer is, only the involved party knows the truth. Otherwise proven with another set of video scandals.

Here's a photo series of KC Concepcion we found elsewhere. 5 more KC Concepcion photos not related to Hayden Kho Scandal inside ->

KC Concepcion Hayden Kho Scandal

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