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Rosario Trailer - Official Entry to Metro Manila Film Festival 2010

We've previously posted Jennylyn Mercado as Rosario photos not fully knowing the background of the movie. Turns out Rosario is Studio 5's offering for Metro Manila Film Fest come December 25. While watching on SM cinema last week, we first saw the movie trailer of Rosario. Surfing some more gave us the background of the movie.

What makes it interesting is that it is based on the true story of 'Rosario Herrera', the grandmother TV5 chairman Manny V. Pangilinan.

"Rosario" is a period film set from the 1920s. It tells the story of TV5 chairman Manny V. Panglinan's grandmother, Rosario Herrera. It documents her triumphs and misfortunes-from her charmed beginnings to her mysterious and regrettable end.

Directed by Albert Martinez, the Rosario features a star-studded cast, which includes Jennylyn Mercado, Dennis Trillo, Sid Lucero, Yul Servo, Ricky Davao, Phillip Salvador, Eula Valdez, with the special appearance of comedy king Dolphy.

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Denise Laurel Out In 'Kristine' Due to Pregnancy?

How true are the rumors that Denise Laurel is pregnant that's why she was out in the 'Kristine' production? According to Pinoy Gossip Boy-

On Nov. 25, Pinoy Gossip Boy headlined a story titled “Denise Laurel pregnant with PBA player’s child?"

“While members of the Schola Juris Vespertina were having their photo shoot in front of the grand manner wall, my very close sorority sister informed me that Kapamilya actress Denise Laurel is pregnant with a PBA player’s baby,” came PGB’s revelation.

The article also mentioned PBA player Diamon Simpson as the cager who was romantically linked with Denise months ago.

A few times over, a blind item was carried out in tabs saying that an actress is causing TV production headaches as she is pregnant. The actress, according to the grapevine, plays an important part in a soap opera. Although she’s not the lead part, her role is pivotal in the story.

However, talent manager Arnold Vegafria was quick to note that rumors on his ward Denise Laurel is in the family way.

“Actually, last week we were together. I didn't see any changes sa katawan niya,” Vegafria said on the matter when interviewed by "Showbiz News Ngayon."

For two weeks now, a blind item has been circulating that that a TV production is allegedly in quandary because one of its actresses is pregnant. Later, the actress was identified to be Denise Laurel and the affected TV show was “Kristine.”

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The Simple Side of Glaiza De Castro

Glaiza 'Grazilda' De Castro's simple side. At first I thought Grazilda will be a fantaserye set in the medieval era as first shown on TV, but turns out it's not. More of a regular teleserye with added magical powers. How's that?

Not much to say sorry. Just enjoy seeing Glaiza 'Grazilda' photos inside ->

Glaiza de Castro photos

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Anne Curtis 2011 Ginebra Calendar

I was watching the news last night when this one caught my eyes. It's that Anne Curtis will appear in the 2011 Ginebra Calendar. Yep, you heard it right. Anne Curtis is the calendar girl of Ginebra San Miguel for year 2011. Here's some of the preview of Anne Curtis on Ginebra San Miguel 2011 Calendar.

More photos of Anne Curtis on 2011 Ginebra Calendar inside ->

Anne Curtis Ginebra 2011 Calendar

Anne Curtis 2011 Calendar

Anne Curtis Calendar

Anne Curtis Ginebra

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Sam Pinto on the Shooting of Agimat & Enteng Kabisote

Sam Pinto will be part of the upcoming MMFF Movie 'Agimat & Enteng Kabisote'. Enteng Kabisote and Agimat is set to be shown on December 25, 2010. If my memory serves me right, this will be the first movie of Sam Pinto - correct me if I'm wrong.

Check the rest of Sam Pinto photos on 'Enteng Kabisote & Agimat' movie inside ->

Sam Pinto Enteng Kabisote

Sam Pinto on Agimat

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