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Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown Poster

Who do you think will be the first Survivor Philippines Celebrity Survivor? The first challenge tells me Buwi Meneses has a good start, Doc Ferds looks he's got it but it's too early to say. For sure, it will be someone that we'll least expect, just like in the first 2 editions of Survivor Philippines.

What do you think?

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown

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Zanjoe Binastos Nga Ba Si Cristine Reyes?

This was on the Buzz this afternoon (August 29). According to the news, 'binastos ni Zanjoe Marudo si Cristine Reyes!'. It was actually a scene in Kristine (August 20 episode) where Zanjoe was suppose to touch the upper asset of Cristine Reyes (very lucky guy). It should've been ok since it's part of the script. Not only after Zanjoe made a tweet that Cristine didn't like.

Someone asked Zanjoe how was it like to touch Cristine's upper asset to which Zanjoe replied 'Konti lang, hahahaha!' without knowing that the public can actually read it including Cristine Reyes.

Oh well, just watch the video below. It is somewhere at the 00:51 mark.

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Roxanne Barcelo RAW Photos Batch 2

Here's the 2nd batch of Roxanne Barcelo's raw photos (unedited). Check the 1st batch from the links below.

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Princess Ryan Bedroom Photos etc.

Bedroom photos of Princess Ryan. BTW, where is she now? It's been quite some time since I last saw her on tv. Any info?

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