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Mariel Rodriguez FHM (December) Photo

As we were talking about, here's the Cover of FHM Philippines December 2008 with Mariel Rodriguez on the front.

Admittedly, Mariel Rodriguez was quick to note that her photos were enhanced as compared to 'their' real size. (of course you know what I'm talking about). The sides were applied with burn tool to make it stand out.

Compare Mariel's FHM Photos with her Underwear Photo Shots (Mariel Rodriguez Underwear Photos) and see the difference.

Mariel Rodriguez FHM Philippines December 2008 is now available at your favorite magazine stands. Grab your copy now!

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Toni Gonzaga the Singer

Some photos of Toni Gonzaga in one of her concerts. Very sexy indeed, just like her friend Mariel Rodriguez. Speaking of Mariel Rodriguez, watch out for our post on Mariel Rodriguez on FHM December 2008 edition.

5 more photos of Toni Gonzaga inside ->

Toni Gonzaga 1

Toni Gonzaga 2
Toni Gonzaga 3
Toni Gonzaga 4
Toni Gonzaga 5
Toni Gonzaga 6

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Cristine Reyes Maxim December 2008

Looks like Santa is giving us an early gift in the form of Maxim Philippines December. You wanna know why? Nah, its nothing. Its just Cristine Reyes on the cover of Maxim Philippines December 2008 Issue. What more could you ask for this Christmas?

The last time we've seen Cristine Reyes on the cover of mens magazine was in FHM August 2007 issue. Other than that, we regularly see her on Banana Split (Christine Reyes on Banana Split). Here on Pinay Celebrity Online, she's a regular topnotcher with her Topless Scandal (Cristine Reyes Topless Photo Scandal). Her behind the scene shoot with (Boob cage in full view) is also in the top 10.

Probably the same reason why her Eva Fonda starrer was postponed from August to December. So that it will coincide with her on the cover of Maxim Philippines December. Very strategic move I must say. Oh well, these are not yet her Maxim photos, but we'll surely update you once we get a hand of it.

Another sexy photo of Cristine Reyes inside ->

Cristine Reyes Maxim 1
Cristine Reyes Maxim 2

Cristine Reyes Maxim 3

Cristine Reyes Maxim Photo

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Cris Pastor - Sexy Vixen of PDA 2

Aside from Bea Munoz, another babe worth checking is Cris Pastor. Its just that I don't like her that much. I don't know why. Maybe because of her physique, too skinny for me! Maybe its her eyes, too daring for me. Maybe its her voice which I don't find too melodramatic. Or maybe, it's simply me.

But what the heck. Here are 2 Cris Pastor photos worth checking.

Cris Pastor

Cris Pastor Photo

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Cast of One Night Only - Jennylyn Mercado's Comeback Movie

The cast of "One Night Only". Diana Zubiri, Jennylyn Mercado, Katrina Halili, Valerie Concepcion and Alex De Rossi.

One Night Only is also the comeback movie of Jennylyn Mercado after giving birth to Alex Jazz. Aside from this movie, Jennylyn's Coffetable book is also expected to be released this coming December.

2 more One Night Only Girls photos inside ->

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Francine Prieto - Additional Herbench

Additional Herbench photos of Ms. Francine Prieto. Not her recent photos though. She's a little plump when I watched Bubble Gang yesternight. Like Diana Zubiri who also gained weight. Don't they have a regular workout?

4 more Francine Prieto Herbench Photos inside ->

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Update on Marian Rivera Ginebra San Miguel Calendar

Here's the whole body version of the sample Marian Rivera Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Wet Look photo that we first shown you. (First post here).

Another Marian Rivera on a two-piece bikini inside.

Marian Rivera Ginebra Calendar

Marian Rivera Ginebra Calendar 2

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Ehra Madrigal - What's the Latest?

Some Ehra Madrigal photos. What's the latest about her? Actually, I haven't heard anything about her these days. Altho we regularly see her on Nuts Entertainment.

Photos cared of Ybanag. Thanks man!

4 more photos of Ehra Madrigal inside ->

Ehra Madrigal 1

Ehra Madrigal 2
Ehra Madrigal 3
Ehra Madrigal 4
Ehra Madrigal 5

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Bea Alonzo Flying High on Betty La Fea

Who would've thought that Betty La Fea franchise will be such a big hit with Filipino viewers? I never thought of it, frankly speaking. At first, I thought it will be just another big starter but will slow down eventually.

But hey, seems like Betty La Fea is very popular. Even the plot is not the usual predictable which makes it funny and serious at the same time.

Congrats to Bea Alonzo for a commendable character to Betty La Fea.

4 more Bea Alonzo photos inside ->

Betty La Fea 1

Betty La Fea 2
Betty La Fea 3
Betty La Fea 4
Betty La Fea 5

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Christine Reyes in Banana Split

What's in it with Cristine Reyes that she's very popular in Pinay Celebrity Online. If you'll notice on the right side 'Popular Pages Today', she's always seen on the number 2 spot. And it's been like weeks or months already.

Here are my theory why she's very popular:

  1. Because of her Topless Scandal Photos with Joross Gamboa even before her Starstruck Days.
  2. Because of her beautiful face and a body to die for.
  3. Because she's been linked not only to one but several personalities in showbiz like Janno Gibbs, Willie Revillame and Dennis Trillo
  4. Because of her naughty look.
  5. Because of her dimples.
I personally think its number 5, haha. How bout you, which it is?

4 more Cristine Reyes Banana Split photos inside ->

Christine Reyes 1

Christine Reyes 2
Christine Reyes 3
Christine Reyes 4
Christine Reyes 5

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Heart Evangelista - Blooming with her New Network

Personally, I'm happy with what is going on with Heart Evangelista's career. From Asero, another teleserye with her on the lead role is on the line for her, Luna Mystika. Not only that, she's a lot beautiful and sexier nowadays putting in some of the needed weight.

Unlike in her old Kapamilya days where she looked like a withered vegetable. Now she's lovelier and a lot lot sexier.

2 more Heart Evangelista photos inside ->

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Nikki Bacolod - Diana in "Dyosa" When She was Younger

If you're a regular of Kapamilya channel, most likely you know Diana in Dyosa. How about Nikki Bacolod, do you know her? I don't. But later, I just found out that Nikki Bacolod is indeed Diana in Dyosa.

Check Nikki Bacolod's photos when she was just starting in showbiz ->

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