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Kristine Hermosa UNO Magazine Aug 2008 Cover Girl

As the saying goes 'Ask and You shall receive'. This is exactly what happened in our post today. If you will remember, just the other day, we were asking "Kristine Hermosa, where is she now?"
Look what we have now. It's Kristine Hermosa on UNO Magazine August 2008 issue - UNO's 50th Issue.

Looking at the cover, I just can't help but wonder why did they overdo the editing on Kristine's face. I'm not sure but looks like something's not right. Maybe it's just me. Or maybe it's photoshop gone wrong. What do you think?

One more Kristine Hermosa UNO Magazine Aug 2008 Photo inside.

Special thanks to our dear friend from UNO Magazine for sending these photos.

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