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Maui Taylor Wholesome Photos

Just some Maui Taylor wholesome photos. Ok, just kidding. If you keep on digging more, there's a not so wholesome photo of Maui Taylor here. Keep digging.

4 more Maui Taylor Photos inside->

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Gretchen Fullido Boracay Photos

My favorite Pinay reporter Gretchen Fullido. But this time, she's not holding the mic interviewing Pinay Celebrities, but rather taking her time of to the beautiful island of Boracay. Bad thing or shall we say good thing that Pinoy Parazzi's were there to take these wonderful photos of Gretchen Fullido.

Shall we say more photos please? Ok, granted. 4 more Gretchen Fullido Boracay photos inside ->

Gretchen Fullido Boracay Photos

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Alex Gonzaga + Toni Gonzaga on Shapes Billboards

Alex Gonzaga on Shapes Billboard. I've first known Alex as Cathy Gonzaga, from her role in 'My Girl'. Now she's famous for her noontime showbiz news show "JUICY". BTW, if you don't know yet, she's the younger sister of Toni Gonzaga and they're both endorser of Shapes. [see Toni Gonzaga on Shapes here].

2 more Alex Gonzaga photos with her big sister Toni Gnzga for Shapes inside->

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Celine Lopez on UNO Magazine June 2009 Cover

First, who is Celine Lopez? Perhaps most of us can easily recall the name from the Brian Gorell and DJ Montano internet issue. But more than that, Celine Lopez is the Editor of the Philippine Star’s Y Style section and is a socialite/entrepreneur, too. Ok, so much for that. Not interesting I guess.

Here's something that is a bit more interesting. Did you know that this is the actual cover of UNO Magazine June 2009 issue? Tricky eh. I was even dumbfounded. I was actually waiting and waiting without even thinking that this is it. Anyway, I don't know why UNO had gone to this direction. But 1 thing is for sure. They sure changed the magazine. So different I didn't know I was looking at its cover, hehe. They're even saying that the material is not glossy anymore. Haven't seen the magazine to tell you frankly. But they also said that it's even more expensive than before. Oh well. The price of change I guess.

2 more photos inside but not of Celine Lopez but of Maggie Wilson ->

Celine Lopez UNO June 2009

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6 Ways to Get Updated with the Latest Pinay Celebrity News - PCO Way

Since the life of Pinay Celebrity Online (PCO for short) is in its 'readers' (let's call them PCOnliners), we always want to make you updated in anyway possible. So we've come up with 6 possible ways you can do so that you won't miss any updates of Pinay Celebrity News and Scandals the PCO Way - Feedburner, Facebook, Yahoo Group, Friendster, Plurk and Twitter.

1. PCO on Feedburner - Every single update of PCO will be delivered straight to your email in the form of subscription. Its a summary of yesterdays post, delivered to you today. As easy as entering your email (see form below), click on the 'subscribe'. A pop up window will appear asking for the confirmation by entering the text and an email will be delivered to you. After clicking the link on the email, you're already subscribed. Currently, we have around 17,848 subscribers.

2. PCO on Facebook - Get to see PCO's fans in photos. You'll be amazed to see that these people are actually the celebrity themselves. So if your a facebook addict, might as well check PCO's page and get connected. Currently 67 fans.

3. PCO on Yahoo Group - PCO Yahoogroup is not for the faint of heart. Why? Coz photos and links that are not posted on the site are usually found on the group. Though a little strict when it comes to posting, most of the rare stuffs are available here. Currently 2,700 members.

4. PCO on Friendster - PCO's friendster profile was the first we created. We also post some of the good stuff here in the form of private albums. And of course, only members can have the privilege of viewing them. 1,761 friends as of today.

5. PCO on Plurk - We're very new to Plurk. In fact, we only got 5 friends and 2 fans/followers. But hey, we already got 36.35 Karma.
6. PCO on Twitter - We started twitting more than 2 months ago. And as of now, we already have 27 followers.

You too can join us in any of the following that we've mentioned above and we'll make sure that you're always updated with the latest happening (not to mention scandals) in Philippine Showbiz. Just click on the logos and get connected with PCO.

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Oldies but Goodies Ehra Madrigal Calendar Posters

I was cleaning my files when I glanced on these Ehra Madrigal Calendar Posters for 2008. It was kinda old but still think they're worth sharing. I'm not very sure if I already posted these fantastic Ehra Madrigal Calendar Posters. But what the heck. Sure worth checking again.

5 more mouth watering Ehra Madrigal Calendar Posters for Tanduay 2008 inside ->

Ehra Madrigal Calendar Photos

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Additional Angel Locsin Sexy Photos

Just a continuation on Angel Locsin's Guess the Underarm Product. Let me just mention the comment from someone named of Dammron.

And he said "angel wla ka nanag tamis kasi prang meh asawa ka na. try to see ung boobs parang tirang tira na sa mga lalaki. sino ba kabatch mo? sila anne curtis ba? but parang malayo ka sa kanila. ibang iba ung katawan mo sa kanila prang hindi na fresh. ung katawan mo prang meh eded na, ang laki nang binagsak. cguro dhail keh luis noh? lagi ka cgurong sines3x. next time try to quit sometimes fr that pra hindi ka malulusyang ok???"

Is Angel Locsin truly 'LAOS' or is this just some demolition job of fans in favor of her archrival Marian Rivera. As you know, there's this cold war between the fans of Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera. But we in PCO, we simply both love them. Be it Angel Locisn or Marian Rivera, we'll surely take both of them.

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Younger Angelica Panganiban Photo

These Angelica Panganiban photos were probably taken years ago when she was still new or starting in showbiz. Look at the face, very innocent and young looking. I'm sure that those on the 2nd picture are still baby fats, hehe. The last photo, which is more updated shows a more confident Angelica Panganiban compared to the 1st three photos.

Check the rest of the young Angelica Panganiban photos inside ->

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4th Video of Maricar - While She's Sleeping?

And then there was the 4th Maricar Reyes Video? As of this writing, we're not sure if this is all true. We haven't seen the video yet. This time, not much action according to the source. It was just a video with who appears to be Maricar Reyes sleeping without her clothes on. We don't even know who's holding the camera. But the setting appears to be the same with that of the series of Hayden's Videos. Is he the one taking this video?

Looks like there's more of this series waiting to be uploaded one by one. Hunt is on, again...

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Guess Who's the Latest Talk 'n Text Endorser

You've probably seen this commercial in TV. But do you know who's the latest Talk 'n Text Endorser? Does her name starts with an M? We'll soon find out. Hope there'll be prints version also.

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The Sexy and Quiet Heart Evangelista

Not much today. Just some sexy photos of Heart Evangelista. Did she really went through the knife? Oh well, doesn't really matter I guess.

3 more sexy photos of Heart Evangelista inside ->

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Pinky Webb on Rogue Magazine June 2009 Cover - State of the Nation Issue

It's Pinky Webb on the June 2009 Cover of Rogue Magazine in their State of the Nation Issue. It also marks the anniversary of their controversial issue where Joey Mead was spray painted using the Philippine flag. [Joey Mead's Spray Painted Body on Rogue Magazine].

There are 2 more Pinky Webb photos inside that are said to be Behind the Scenes photos but doesn't really count as behind the scenes for me. Check them if you're a little curious. :D

Pinky Webb Rogue June 2009

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KC Concepcion and Hayden Kho Video Scandal?

KC Concepcion and Hayden Kho Video Scandal? How true are the rumors that even the daughter of the mega star Sharon Cuneta also has a video scandal with Hayden Kho? Is this part of the what we don't know about KC Concepcion series? There are even rumors that at the height of the Hayden Kho Scandals, the megastar slapped Hayden and bought the video for 20M. Another version was that, it was KC Concepcion who was slapped by her mega mom when she found out about the issue.

Does KC really had a video scandal with Hayden Kho? Or was it just another urban legend trying to ride on this showbiz turned national security issue. Here's an article in PEP where Lolit Solis clarifies report that she has seen alleged video of Hayden Kho and KC Concepcion. Whatever the answer is, only the involved party knows the truth. Otherwise proven with another set of video scandals.

Here's a photo series of KC Concepcion we found elsewhere. 5 more KC Concepcion photos not related to Hayden Kho Scandal inside ->

KC Concepcion Hayden Kho Scandal

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Anne Curtis in Lingerie, Bikini and Simple photos

Anne Curtis in a very sexy Lingerie, Bikini and just the simple Anne Curtis Photos. I must say that the first one genuine, the 2nd photo was enhanced (see the mole on her chest). 3rd and 4th photo are also real.

Check the 3 other photos of Anne Curtis inside ->

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