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The Angel Locsin - Marian Rivera Darna Comparison Saga Continues

When we first posted a side-by-side Darna photos of Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera and asked the public on who's the sexier Darna, we never expected that a lot would actually take it personally. Some even said that we're biased as the photos of Marian Rivera were blurred and that of Angel Locsin were edited. Just to get the point across, we don't have any inclination with Angel nor Marian. Why should we? It's just pure entertainment.

But to give fair justice, here's some photos sent by Anna Lou saying that these are the unedited photos of Angel Locsin. Oh, you might want to know the score of our first post! We've had 65 comments. Angel Locsin got 33 votes while Marian Rivera got 23. The rest were either just comments or didn't pick any.

Does that mean that still a lot favors Angel Locsin over Marian Rivera as Darna?

Check the rest of Angel Locsin as Darna vs. Marian Rivera as Darna photos inside ->

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