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Wigs Used by Pinay Celebrities

Looking at all our Pinay Celebrities on file, we can’t help but think how many kinds of wigs do they actually use just to come up with the perfect look and perfect hair for each shoot or model gig. With that in mind, check what we actually found, Wigsalon - the top 50 best selling wigs for all of 2009. Whether you want persuasion, power or sky look, they got it.

Some of the most famous wigs they got on file that anyone can use are Sky, Reese, Mason, Megan and Sandie by Noriko, Scorpio by Revlon, Shannon by Rene of Paris, Persuasion - Petite, Voltage by Raquel Welch and many more.

Some of these wigs we’ve already seen in our Pinay Celebrities. For example, the Scorpio by Revlon wig is so much like that of Katrina Halili lately. Samantha by Rene of Paris reminds me of Bea Alonzo look. What else? Maybe you can help us mix and match the other wig style with any other pinay celebrities we have on file.

Here’s another interesting fact. WigSalon even introduced some of the hair style popularized by Ms. Sarah Palin. I’ve always thought she got all natural hair all the time. But she doesn’t. Check out these wigs that looked like Sarah Palin’s hair style and color. Even Sarah Palin’s eyeglass, they got it to match with the look. Looks like Sarah Palin’s look is very popular in the women of her age.

So that’s it. If you ever need to match that look with a good looking hair that looks almost natural, you might want to take a look at Wig Salon.

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