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Cindy Kurleto on UNO Magazine July 2009 Issue

We're not very much surprised that Cindy Kurleto is the July 2009 Cover Girl of UNO. We were actually tipped by no other than the editor-in-chief of the magazine itself, Mr. RJ Ledesma last month at LAX Club. He even mentioned that Cindy Kurleto will be posing only with ribbons. We just didn't expect that the ribbons were not the usual flower-shaped ribbons but only lace. He even bragged that starting July, their covergirls will no longer use the heavy photochopping, that is, too much enhancements using Photoshop.

Looks like they lived to our expectations, at least somehow. My only comment with the posing here is that I hardly recognized that it was actually Cindy Kurleto. I dunno, but something's wrong. Must be the hair, the gloves, the eyes or the ribbons. I just think they could do better than this.

Aside from Cindy Kurleto, they said that Ellen Adarna will also be featured with more daring poses and Star Patroller Gretchen Fullido also agreed to be on the pages of UNO. Those I got to see. Once we've grabbed them, we'll surely share them to all you. So visit us from time to time. Pinay Celebrity Online rules!

Cindy Kurleto on UNO July 2009

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