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The Many Faces of Marian Rivera

FHM Philippines Sexiest Woman of 2008, Marian Rivera is truly the fastest rising star of her time.

Who would have guessed that from the mother of Super Twins, she'll rise as the Sexiest Girl of 2008. Is she really worthy of the crown or are the rumors true that GMA helped her getting the FHM Top Spot?

Let's see how she'll fair in this year's UNO Real Hottest Girls of 2008. As of writing, Marian Rivera is currently on the 5th Spot of UNO Magazine's search for the truly hottest girl.

Vote Marian Rivera by posting a comment Real Hottest UNO Girls of 2008 Update and get a FREE Ticket invite as UNO Unveiled this year's Real Hottest girl happening on Sept. 12 in Makati.

More photos inside.

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