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Dyosa Characters

On August 11, 2008, another telefantasya will be aired in ABS-CBN. This time, it won't be another Filipino Superhero nor Mars Ravelos comic characters. It's actually a combination of most of the telefantasya that we've seen so far.

Dyosa starring Anne Curtis will play 3 lead roles. Dyosa Tierra or the centaur, Dyosa Cielo or the eagle woman, and Dyosa Agua, the mermaid.

The rest of the characters and pictures inside.

Anne Curtis as Dyosa Agua

Anne Curtis as Dyosa Cielo

Anne Curtis as Diyosa Cielo

Luis Manzano as Kulas

Mickey Ferriols as Maria Sinukuan

Sam Milby as Adonis

Zanjoe Marudo as Mars

Carlos Morales as Tadaklan

Epi Quizon as Bakos

Jacklyn Jose as Magayon

Lloyd Samartino as Amang Suga

Maricar de Mesa as Calliope

Matthew Mendoza as Bernardo

Rubi Rubi and Jojit Lorenzo as Huling and Miong

Vice Ganda as Salaminsim

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