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Real Hottest UNO Girls of 2008 Update

After a month of announcement, here are the Top 10 girls leading in this years Real Hottest UNO Girls of 2008. (UNO Real Hottest Girls of 2008 Voting is On)

As of July 31, Anne Curtis is leading in the number 1 spot, followed closely by Angel Locsin. Bianca King at the #3 spot, followed by Khristine Hermosa - 4th, Cristine Reyes - 5th, Marian Rivera - 6th, KC Concepcion - 7th, Iwa Moto on the 8th spot, Heart Evangelista - 9th and Amanda Griffin completes the 10th with leading votes.

Not happy with the on-going votes? Don't worry, your votes still counts. Simply text Real Hottest to 2929 (see Voting Guide inside), or send your top ten Real Hottest UNO Girls 2008 to, or visit UNO Magazine's website at

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Individual photos of the Top 10 leading girls inside.

Anne Curtis Photo

Angel Locsin Photo
Bianca King Photo
Khristine Hermosa Photo
Cristine Reyes Photo
Marian Rivera Photo
KC Concepcion Photo
Iwa Moto Photo
Heart Evangelista Photo
Amanda Griffin Photo

You might want to check the Teaser Video here

The Real Hottest UNO Girls of 2008 Party is set to explode on September 12, 2008 9:00pm at A.Venue Hall (Makati City).

Comment on this article and qualify for the FREE Ticket invite on the said event. We will announce the winners in this blog so be sure to check for announcements.

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Text voting guide below.

hottest01 -Abbey Teresa

hottest02 -Aiza Marquez

hottest03 -Alex Escat

hottest04 -Amanda Griffin

hottest05 -Amber Rowley

hottest06 -Anne Curtis

hottest07 -April Tanhueco

hottest08 -Arnee Hidalgo

hottest09 -Arraniza Castro

hottest10 -Bianca Araneta-Elizalde

hottest11 -Bianca King

hottest12 -Bianca Valerio

hottest13 -Bruna

hottest14 -Bubbles Paraiso

hottest15 -Cesca Litton

hottest16 -Chal Lontoc

hottest17 -Chesca Garcia

hottest18 -Cindy Kurleto

hottest19 -Cristina Garcia

hottest20 -Danielly Barbosa

hottest21 -Daphne OseƱa

hottest22 -Deborah Ahrens

hottest23 -Dianne Noelle Antioquia

hottest24 -Dionne Monsanto

hottest25 -Drinie Aguilar

hottest26 -Elaine Gallardo

hottest27 -Ellen Adarna

hottest28 -Eloisa

hottest29 -Erika Raffai

hottest30 -Esmeralda

hottest31 -Fabienne Diering

hottest32 -Gabriella

hottest33 -Gemma Fitzgerald

hottest34 -Geneva Cruz

hottest35 -Hannah See

hottest36 -Hermilyn Escudero

hottest37 -Irene Sy

hottest38 -Isabel Oli

hottest39 -Isabella Matoso

hottest40 -Issa Litton

hottest41 -Iwa Moto

hottest42 -Iya Villania

hottest43 -Jackie Christian

hottest44 -Jasmin Gabriel

hottest45 -Joey Mead

hottest46 -Julia

hottest47 -Juliana Lima

hottest48 -Karel Marquez

hottest49 -Kat Alano

hottest50 -Kathy Moya

hottest51 -Katya

hottest52 -Kitkat

hottest53 -Klaudia Lim

hottest54 -Kristine Hermosa

hottest55 -Krystle Rius

hottest56 -Laurah

hottest57 -Leandah Rathmell

hottest58 -Luarah Amin

hottest59 -Maike Evers

hottest60 -Marcella Aldra

hottest61 -Marga Javier

hottest62 -Marianna

hottest63 -Michelle Katigbak

hottest64 -Michelle Murenec

hottest65 -Michelle Padua

hottest66 -Michelle Quizon

hottest67 -Misa Campo

hottest68 -Nancy Castiglione

hottest69 -Nicole Hernandez

hottest70 -Ornusa Cadness

hottest71 -Pamela Espindola

hottest72 -Patty Laurel

hottest73 -Pauleen Luna

hottest74 -Phoemela Baranda

hottest75 -Pia Guanio

hottest76 -Pinky Webb

hottest77 -Priscilla Meirelles

hottest78 -Rachel Soriano

hottest79 -Rachel Tan

hottest80 -Raven Villanueva

hottest81 -Rosanne Prieto

hottest82 -Rose Peixato

hottest83 -Roseanna Fernandez

hottest84 -Sandara Park

hottest85 -Sanya Smith

hottest86 -Sarah Antonio

hottest87 -Sarah Christophers

hottest88 -Savannah Lumen

hottest89 -Sheela Belina

hottest90 -Solenn Heusaff

hottest91 -Talitah

hottest92 -Tanya Cruz

hottest93 -Teil Allison

hottest94 -Teresa Herrera

hottest95 -Tesa Marcelo

hottest96 -Theresa Ang

hottest97 -Tin Briz

hottest98 -Toni Gonzaga

hottest99 -Tovee Villanueva

hottest100 -Valerie Concepcion

hottest101 -Valerie delos Santos

hottest102 -Vanessa Andres

hottest103 -Wanessa

hottest104 -Wren Yuson

hottest105 -Zilola Mirzarasulova

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