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Chito Miranda on GF Neri Naig - I do care about what they say about my girlfriend

Chito Miranda's latest post on GF Neri Naig in his Facebook account.

This is my girlfriend, Neri.
She's an actress. Though she is not as sikat as the others, she is happy and content.
Not many people know this, but whenever she has time to spare, she'd go and visit her favorite aeta village along with her friends, and hang out with the aetas, simply because she enjoys it. 
She'd collect and bring used, worn-out school books and read to the kids, trying to help them learn to read as well. She'd bring school supplies na binili sa divisoria, sit down with the kids, and teach them how to write their names. She'd bring snacks, and sometimes would even set up games for the kids in the community. 
She was never applauded for this, nor was she famous for it, and also had no major reasons for doing it. No floods. No calamities. Nothing. She does it because she loves doing it.
Aside from fishing, gardening, and taking care of her pets, this is what she does on her spare time.
I don't really care what other people think or say about me (opinion nila yan eh...and I respect that), but i do care about what they say about my girlfriend, and i have one simple question for those who have a problem with her, regarding their self-righteous beliefs and opinions on morality, tastelessly expressed through their hateful comments:
What do you do on your spare time aside from bashing helpless girls on the internet?
Whatever it is, i honestly hope it makes you happy.
Me and my girlfriend are NOT saints obviously (me, being very far from it), but she is a good person and those who really know her, know that she is.
And I love her very much.
Sa lahat ng mga open-minded na tao na patuloy na nag pakita ng respeto at pagmamahal sa amin ni Neri, regardless of what we are going through, maraming maraming salamat po.

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