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6 Ways to Get Updated with the Latest Pinay Celebrity News - PCO Way

Since the life of Pinay Celebrity Online (PCO for short) is in its 'readers' (let's call them PCOnliners), we always want to make you updated in anyway possible. So we've come up with 6 possible ways you can do so that you won't miss any updates of Pinay Celebrity News and Scandals the PCO Way - Feedburner, Facebook, Yahoo Group, Friendster, Plurk and Twitter.

1. PCO on Feedburner - Every single update of PCO will be delivered straight to your email in the form of subscription. Its a summary of yesterdays post, delivered to you today. As easy as entering your email (see form below), click on the 'subscribe'. A pop up window will appear asking for the confirmation by entering the text and an email will be delivered to you. After clicking the link on the email, you're already subscribed. Currently, we have around 17,848 subscribers.

2. PCO on Facebook - Get to see PCO's fans in photos. You'll be amazed to see that these people are actually the celebrity themselves. So if your a facebook addict, might as well check PCO's page and get connected. Currently 67 fans.

3. PCO on Yahoo Group - PCO Yahoogroup is not for the faint of heart. Why? Coz photos and links that are not posted on the site are usually found on the group. Though a little strict when it comes to posting, most of the rare stuffs are available here. Currently 2,700 members.

4. PCO on Friendster - PCO's friendster profile was the first we created. We also post some of the good stuff here in the form of private albums. And of course, only members can have the privilege of viewing them. 1,761 friends as of today.

5. PCO on Plurk - We're very new to Plurk. In fact, we only got 5 friends and 2 fans/followers. But hey, we already got 36.35 Karma.
6. PCO on Twitter - We started twitting more than 2 months ago. And as of now, we already have 27 followers.

You too can join us in any of the following that we've mentioned above and we'll make sure that you're always updated with the latest happening (not to mention scandals) in Philippine Showbiz. Just click on the logos and get connected with PCO.

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