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Gretchen Barreto Scandals

Last last night, we were watching TV Patrol and one of the Showbiz Balita was regarding Gretchen Barreto Vs. Angel Locsin. This was brought up with a case of Angel Locsin having said that Claudine should not be insecure of her.

So, how is this related to Gretchen Barreto Scandals. Well, the incident simply reminds us of the series of events La Greta was involved in. We actually admire Ms. Gretchen for reinventing herself, not running out of issues just for the sake to put her into the picture.

How many of you hadn't heard about the Scandal Photos of Gretchen Barreto and John Estrada with John reaching out for a kiss to Gretchen, torrid. (if not, its now your chance to check it below).
More Gretchen Barreto Scandal Photos inside=>

Not only that, at the height of scandals we're not sure if its prior to or after John Estrada Kissing Photo, another series of photos was spread on purpose. This time, Gretchen with an unknown man. The only suspicious thing about the photos is that, the man's face is always covered. So we thought, this was planted. (see below for photos).

These are just some of the out of this world scandals. We'll try to scout for more and post it here. Enjoy.

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