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Advertise on Pinay Celebrity Online

Advertise on Pinay Celebrity Online and be able to reach our audience. Below are necessary details that you may want to know.

Blog Name: Pinay Celebrity Online
Date Started: March 27, 2008
Google PageRank: 3
Alexa PageRank: 109,039

Posts and Network (as of January 22, 2009)
Number of posts : 768
Feedburner subscribers: 2,325
Friendster friends: 799

Traffic and Pageviews (based on Google Analytics)
Daily visitors: 3,500 - 4,000
Monthly Pageviews: 550,000++
Average Pageviews: 4.77 per visit
Time on Site: 06:55 per visit

Visitor Profile (per Country)
Philippines : 60.21%
United States : 16.10%
Saudi Arabia : 3.59%
Canada : 2.84%
Other Countries : 7.95%

We welcome short term and long term advertisements but priority and discounts will be given to long term partners. Below are our rates:

125 x 125 Ads found at the side or at the bottom

Side bar Top: $30 /month or Php1,500 monthly
Side bar: $20 /month or Php1,000 monthly
Footer: $5 /month or Php250 monthly

More than Leaderboard found at the top (868 x 100): Email us with your bid
Rectangle Ad (430 x 290) found before the first post: Email us with your bid

Payment method:

Paypal for International Payments
Bank Deposits for Local Payments

Interested parties may simply email us at with your offer. We'll even throw an advertorial post about your product and company.

  • Ads should be non-nude and link to non-mature websites
  • Adult related sites and ad will not be entertained

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