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Claudine Barreto's Iisa Pa Lamang - Very Disappointing

I happen to watch last night's episode of "Iisa Pa Lamang", and oh my, I was so disappointed by that episode. I always wanted to think the ABS people are good with drama telenovelas. But this is totally an exemption. The plot was very unrealistic and disappointing indeed. There was a scene where Claudine was pointing a gun to Chery Pie Picache, and they were chitchatting for like an hour with a gun on each hands. Then suddenly, Chery Pie dared Claudine to shoot her. But as expected, she was to coward to do it.

And the climax, Isadora (Chery Pie) was sucked by a quicksand (do we have quicksand here in the Phils?). She was begging for help but with the bag on her hand. Catherine (Claudine) is offering her a stick, but for some reason, she can't since she's holding her bag. But as you clearly see it, Catherine can easily reach her with her hands, what's the use of her stick. And the bag, it was not even in the way.

Good thing it will be finished this week. And I was very much relief seeing Claudine's photo below. Uhmm, pwede.. :D grinning... Tell me what you see...

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