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Angel Locsin Dances Dirty in ASAP 08

Just after lunch, I was busy watching Iron Man on the net when my wife called my attention saying that Angel Locsin was gracefully, dirty dancing in ASAP 08. I hurriedly went downstairs and was able to get a glimpse of the last part of the dance number.

It was indeed Angel Locsin, dancing to the tune of 'Dance of My Life' wearing a fishnet, backless and braless top and a grass skirt. Very very sexy dance number. Seeing that part, I took my chances and searched if there was a clip in Youtube.

It turned out that ASAP 08 is not Live afterall. The dance number of Angel Locsin that was shown was actually her Birthday Dance Number from 2 months ago. Watch Angel Locsin and her Dirty Dance at the bottom part of this post.

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