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Turn Your Weakness To An Advantage With These 3 Online Tools

Businesses are popping from here, there and everywhere. And the challenge for these businesses is how to stay relevant, competitive and differentiated in the marketplace. Technology can help a lot in that area, especially technology that allows businesses to streamline their work flows. But as in everything, there will always be a trade-off. Technology doesn't always come cheap, a disadvantage to every new entrant to the market. And if you so happen to belong to the disadvantaged majority, fret not. There are alternatives out there that are free and/or low-cost, just like these three online services:


Branding is a component of a business that needs to be carefully considered. The name you assign to a business has a lot of marketing implications, so that getting it right the first time can do wonders. On the domain front, the Internet is now saturated with millions and millions of .com, .net and other top-level domains that getting the most appropriate domain to differentiate your brand from the rest that offer the same product or service can be rather tricky. Branding agencies sure will help you out on that front, but they can cost you thousands of hard-earned dollars, too.

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Since 2007,, a crowdsourcing site with 50,000+ registered contributors, has been in the business of assisting individuals and small businesses come up with catchy, relevant, unique and easy-to-remember domains, names or slogans. To avail of the service, become a client by registering with the site, pay $50 if it's a name or domain you need ($75 for a slogan) and submit your naming guidelines. Now, here's a deal that makes this service 100% risk-free: If none of the suggestions you receive fits your requirement, you can ask for your money back.


Business owners know that productivity can lead to better margins. This is why tools that simplify business processes are in use nowadays. The problem with these tools, however, they can be very expensive, especially for the cash-strapped business owner. is a communications and collaboration application that's 100% free for businesses with 12 employees or less. Bitrix24 aggregates several different functionality such as free workforce monitoring, free CRM, free activity planner, free real-time streaming of tasks, free file sharing, free social intranet and so much more in a single platform, basically your all-in-one workstation right at your fingertips. The application is cloud-based, meaning, no installation necessary and can be accessed virtually anywhere you go either through a smartphone or a computer. For unlimited users, an upgrade costs just about $99 monthly.


The air travel industry is seeing tough competition lately, which has led several airlines to confine their best deals into their own corporate sites and/or third-party sites they have contracts with, as opposed to the previous practice of pitching them to price-comparison websites where their potential sales can easily be snatched away by competing carriers. This consequently forces the would-be traveler to go from one flight site to another to clinch that deal that suits him best, time-consuming and a little too taxing, to say the least. is a highly integrated search engine that methodically combs through 700+ different airlines and hundreds more flight sites to come up with the cheapest and best airfare promotional deals out there, making the data easily available to the public in a single site. This, therefore, greatly reduces the energy and time needed to find that one airfare deal that satisfies your travel considerations.

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